Thursday, March 17, 2011

21 Weeks

Officially 21 weeks preggers, which means I'm on the downslope of this pregnancy! The biggest change in baby this week is how much he MOVES! I means it is crazy! I haven't felt a ton of big kicks like I did last week, but I feel him squirm and flip around SO much. And they are strong enough that Jordon can feel them from the outside too (however last night Tyler would move around, and then stop right when Jordon put his hand on my belly... Tyler apparently likes to tease Daddy already). Last night I made the mistake of drinking Coke with my late dinner and it sure made that baby move! ALL night long. Anytime I'd wake up to use the bathroom or something , it felt like I was waking up to him doing flips.

We went to the OB for our big ultrasound today! It was awesome. Tyler is still officially a boy (thank goodness because I don't know how I'd adjust if I found out that my little boy was actually a little girl!), and that he had exactly 10 fingers and 10 toes. He also has 2 kidneys, all four heart chambers, the necessary heart valves and vessels, both hemispheres of his brain, a cerebellum, etc etc. He is perfect! It was very good to hear. And my uterus and cervix looked good and ready to keep on growing for baby. It was all very encouraging to hear, and both Jordon and I made sure to send God some extra thank-you prayers for his hand in helping my little man grow and develop. The picture above is a shot of the little one rubbing his eyes. He wasn't too active during the ultrasound (most likely because he moved ALL night long and was catching up on sleep) but he did rub his eyes, and he "waved" and he did this little pensive pose where he rested his chin on his fist like he was thinking. It was pretty hilarious. We also found out that he is head down and his feet are up and to the left of my belly... exactly where I felt those big kicks last week!

We almost got my due date changed to earlier today as well. Apparently last ultrasound (At 14 weeks) I was measuring 6 days ahead and today I was measuring 6 days ahead as well, so they considered moving my due date up to July 22nd (my little brother's birthday actually!). But they decided not to because an earlier due date would mean if I was late, they'd consider inducing me earlier on and that is definitely something I don't want to have done. This way we have a little more leeway room for baby to be later before they start scheming to get him out of there. I don't really mind either way, although I'm hoping he comes on the earlier date because I'm sure I'll be ready to get him out as soon as July rolls around.

I also was able to talk to the midwife about the trouble I've been having exercising. I have been getting pretty bad cramps when I run or do activity (like playing tennis) for more than 10-15 minutes continuously, and I was worried something was wrong. Apparently, I was actually having contractions (isn't it way too early to hear that word??) but she said not to worry about them unless they don't stop after I cease exercise and that I just need to bring my activity level down when I start getting them. So the good news is, I can still exercise, but I do really have to listen to my body!

Jordon and I are so excited that everything is progressing so well. It is crazy that I am already 21 weeks pregnant, when I feel like it was just a couple of week ago that I still had my nice flat stomach! Sooner than we know it, Tyler will be here!! Very exciting, but very scary, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

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