Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Little Sweet Potato

Ah, the time has finally come for my little sweet potato to eat his sweet potatoes! That's right, we have started solid food! Well, not quite solid (more like mashed haha), but he is sure growing up! As you've read before, we started rice cereal about a month ago, and Tyler liked it as first, but then he sort of went on strike and didn't want it much. About two weeks ago we tried reintroducing it and he starting eating it a lot better. He opened his mouth wide up like he was a pro at it! So a couple days ago we decided that at about 5 1/2 months old, we could go ahead and try to introduce some other foods. Being a fan myself, I decided we should start with sweet potatoes. He loved them! Ate like a champ. Now I have to mix it in with his cereal though because I think he thinks the taste of cereal is bland compared to the amazing taste of sweet potatoes! haha.

And I have decided to make my own baby food! Yes, I am super-mom :-) I got the Baby Brezza baby food maker for Christmas, and broke it out the other night to use for the first time. After reading the directions through and back a few times I finally got the hang out it, and whipped up some sweet potato, avocado, apple and banana baby food! I even tried everything I made, and it isn't half bad (although I prefer my food un-mashed personally). I'm still trying to decide which I am going to introduce after the sweet potatoes though! I wish I could just give him a taste of everything all in one day because I am so excited, but you are supposed to wait 3-5 days between introducing foods to make sure they don't have an allergic reaction (and if they do, you'll know exactly what food caused it!).

I have been doing all sorts of researching on introducing solid foods, and have found there is just SO MUCH to learn! There are certain foods they shouldn't eat before 1 year (like honey), and there are some foods like some people say are okay before 1 year and some say shouldn't be given (like peanut butter, chocolate and egg whites). I learned you need to cook all fruit before giving it to a baby younger than 8 months, except banana and avocado, because they can have issues digesting it. And there is just so much more. Yikes, so much to know! I guess I'll just have to keep studying up!

I'll keep you updated on our new adventures with solid foods!

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