Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Off he goes!

Tyler is a moving man! Not "officially" hands-and-knees crawling, but since Valentine's Day Tyler has been doing the army crawl all over the place! And boy is he efficient at it... and becoming a handful! He loves to crawl toward anything that is NOT one of his toys. In the last few weeks I've seen him make a bee-line for scissors, the trash can, my computer charger cord, wall outlets, my breast pump, my water cup, and the remote control. He is just keeping me on my toes! In fact, I had him on the floor playing in the living room and went into the kitchen to get something, and while I was in there talking to Jordon, Tyler made his way to the hallway (right in front of our stairs!). Yikes. Time to get some baby gates! I've plugged up the wall outlets and ticked away all the cords we have, so I'm getting closer and closer to a baby-proofed house. Which is good because he has been getting up on his knees and rocking like he is getting ready to take off!

He's been adventuring in eating more as well. I made him green beans and plums for the first time and I also made him an apple/banana medley (he LOVED that). We tried a organic fruit and oatmeal cereal I found for FREE (well, you have to mail in a rebate form, but after that it is FREE haha). He is a huge fan of it. And per the pediatrician's suggestion, I've been trying to give him more finger foods. He's still working on the pincer grasp, so most of these finger foods stay in his fist rather than make it in his mouth, but he's practicing nonetheless. I also decided to have him try Baby MumMums, and he LOVES them. They are big enough for him to hold on his own and helps him practice chewing (although I will admit, they have absolutely no nutritional value and have sugar and salt in the ingredients...bad mommy). And they keep him occupied enough during dinner that Jordon and I can eat in peace haha. And although I swore up and down I wouldn't give Tyler foods with added sugar/salt for awhile, I've definitely given him a few bites of random stuff I'm eating. He gives me those big baby eyes that say "Mommy, can I please have a bite?!" and I can't help but give in haha. So he's tried a bit of ice cream (obviously a hit) and pancake. Oops. It's fun to feed my kid :-)

So with more energy from eating, and the skills to get around the house, he is sure keeping me busy. Sometimes I think maybe I don't want him to grow up anymore!! But on thing is for sure, I love this baby more and more everyday. Seriously. Everyday.

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