Thursday, April 26, 2012

On The Move And Keeping Me Busy

Please forgive my long absence on the blogging front... as you will read, Tyler has been keeping me MORE than busy, so I've barely found the time to clean my house, let alone type up an update!

So since I've last blogged, Tyler has gone from having three teeth to having SEVEN. Yes, my 9 month old has seven teeth (he's actually had seven for a few weeks now... I'm just bad at updating the world about it). Needless to say, it was a rough four weeks during which those teeth were making there way in. He has four on the top and three on the bottom. He's still missing his bottom tooth to the left of the center two. I'm not really sure what that one is waiting for!

He's also become much more active. Although he still primarily army crawls, he's finally caught onto the proper form of hand and knee crawling, which he'll do if he's on the right kind of surface and not wearing pants or socks haha. Talk about picky. And for the past few weeks he's been pulling himself up to standing, which scares me to death! At first I was so excited, but now I just stand behind him ALL the time, and of course the times I'm not right by his side, he falls and bangs his head. Which is why I am exhausted and have no time for anything! I do have to give him some credit though... he's becoming a lot better at keeping his balance and most of the time will stick his butt out and catch himself in a sitting position if he starts to loose his balance while standing. Although now he's been testing himself by letting go to whatever he's holding so he stands free for a couple seconds (and my heart stops until he grabs back on or I grab him). Long story short, the kid loves to stand. No more sitting and playing with toys nicely.... nooo he needs to make a bee line to the closest object he can pull himself up on and stand.

While all this was going on, Jordon was in the height of tennis season, which made my life even busier! Jordon would be gone until 6pm on practice nights, and as late at 11pm on nights he had matches. Plus every weekend in March was taken up by matches. Rough life for this tennis family! Tyler was precious though, because anytime Jordon would come home the little guy would try to crawl as fast as he could to Jordon and would cry because he couldn't get there quick enough and wanted Jordon to pick him up. We are SO happy the season is over and was have more family time!

Ty man is eating great as well! Lots of new adventures in food... a cupcake on his daddy's birthday, an oreo from his great-grandma (definitely not an everyday treat but you can't say no to great-grandma!), ritz crackers, little bits of hamburger, bits of a chocolate bunny from his 1st Easter basket (okay, I ate the majority of it), strawberries, etc. And he's doing pretty well taking a cup! I'm trying to get him to replace a couple of his feedings with cups of pumped milk (slowlyyyy working our way to weaning). He usually just takes sips of the cup, but he'll finish 4 oz. over a couple hours which is much more than he ever did before, so I won't complain.

As much as I hate that he is growing up so quickly, it is pretty exciting being able to do new things with him... take him to the park and put him in a swing, play in the sandbox, put him on my shoulders, etc. I'm so excited for all the fun our little family will be having this summer!

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