Thursday, August 30, 2012

Houston, we've got a toddler!

Tyler is all toddles now, barely crawling at all! His first steps were right before his 1st birthday, but for the last couple weeks he's really been taking off and using walking as his primary mode of transportation. I guess that officially makes him a toddler. Today we went to the grocery store and I put him in one of the carts with the little car attached/in front of the basket. Well when I was trying to decide on something, Tyler managed to escape the car, walk over the shelves of hotdog buns, and grab a couple packages. He then toddled over to the cart and put them in the front seat of the car part, then went back for another two packages! I was laughing so hard I thought I'd cry. He's a goofball!

He also has been sprouting all sorts of teeth! Our tooth count is at 11, and will probably get to 12 in the next week or so (there is one just pushing to get through!). While his bottom molars weren't too painful to come in, these top ones have turned my little angel into an obnoxious, whiny toddler. Boo. I know it's bad to call your kid obnoxious, but if you heard "uh, uh, uh" and had to bend over and pick up then put back down then pick up and then put back down a baby all day long, you'd think he was obnoxious too. But I still love him nonetheless! I hope this last molar comes in and we get a break for awhile.

Thankfully, even though he's been fussy during the day, he's been a great sleeper! (Welllll with a few exceptions!). Last night, he was asleep by 9pm and slept all the way to 7:15 or 7:30ish. I can't remember. Either way, it was great. I LOVE SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Almost makes me not want to have anymore kids.... almost ;-) Jordon and I have officially starting getting the not so subtle hints that it's time for #2. Not that I'd argue at all, but it is definitely a little daunting thinking about going through sleepless nights, constant carrying, and the wonderful breastfed-baby-poop stage again. We will see when God decides we're ready for the next little blessing in our life, but for now we're just trying to enjoy this new stage in Tyler's life!

And as for Mommy and Daddy, we're getting ready for the school year which starts on Monday. Yes, I said WE because I got a job! The head of the health and human performance program here asked me to teach 10 credits of classes, and I definitely agreed! This momma is ready to work and use her degree! I get an office and a laptop and everything... big time adjunct faculty here! Of course, getting all my prep work done is near impossible while watching baby, but hopefully once the year starts up and we start having Jordon's grandma watch the baby, I'll have more time to get work done.

Lots of growing all around for this family!

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