Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm a terrible blogger

Four months, no blog. I've been a terrible blogger! In my defense, we have been a busy family and I've been one busy momma. My mother has been bugging me to update, so mom, this one's for you!!

So since my late-August update, I've been busy at my new job. I taught 10 credits of Health and Human Performance courses at Ferrum, 9 lecture credits and 1 lab credit. That's enough to keep me busy, but adding a toddler on top of that and any opportunity for me to do anything else flew out the window. I really enjoyed teaching, but it was tiring! I worked from 8am-12pm Monday-Friday, then played mom in the afternoon, wife at dinner time, then had to catch up on my school work and house work once Tyler went to bed. I won't lie though, having a significant increase in our household income was VERY nice. We managed to pay off one of Jordon's school loans in about 3 months by putting the majority of my paychecks towards the loan (thank you Dave Ramsey!).

Tyler did well with me working. Even though I worked a little last spring, this fall was definitely a big change for him. Plus he was spoiled by having both Jordon and I home all summer, so it was a bit of a shock when he had to start leaving us every weekday. On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday he stays with Jordon's grandma and granddad and on Tuesdays he stays with our neighbor who has twin 3 year old boys. It's nice for him to socialize with some kids! And Jordon keeps him on Friday mornings. This new semester I'm teaching the same times, so we've kept the same schedule. Luckily I'm teaching a couple cardio classes in place of one lecture course this semester so hopefully I'll be a little less busy. Of course, Jordon's tennis season will pick up here in a few weeks, so things won't exactly be easy!

Tyler has been growing like crazy since I've last written. He of course walks everywhere. I love holding his little hand and walking with him in the store or around campus. He's not much of a talker yet... too busy moving I suppose. He has said "dada" and "mum" (he thinks he's British apparently), "dog" and "duck" and actually today he said "stick" haha. But more often than not, he won't saying anything, just point to whatever he is concerned with and say "dis" (This). It's hilarious. He'll do it with the most random things... my coffee cup, a picture on the fridge, a shoe. Crazy baby.

He's been a terrible eater. I'm not sure who is to blame for giving him his first taste of sweets, but he's obsessed with candy. Definitely my child. It's weird though, because of all the random cravings I had while pregnant, I never wanted sweets. Other than candy (because I refuse to let my kid have a diet of candy alone), his diet is comprised of peanut butter (on a spoon, in a sandwich, on crackers, apples dipped in it.... the kid LOVES peanut butter), any fruit (especially applesauce in a pouch haha), goldfish, cereal and milk, and waffles. I've tried and tried for vegetables but he's just so darn picky! He'll also eat pizza and spaghetti most nights, but really he is already a picky boy. Sigh. I do only give him milk and water to drink, so at least he's drinking healthy!

Jordon and I have definitely been getting that "when's the second baby?" question and ton recently and for the record our answer is..... Whenever God chooses to bless us with one! We'd love another child (in fact, I'd love a bunch more children) but apparently my body is just not ready for one right now. Since Tyler has been born my thyroid has been going crazy. In fact, I see my endocrinologist for blood work every 3 months, and with one exception, I have been put on a new dose on Synthroid EVERY time. I also had a wonderfully (note the sarcasm) painful 5 cm cyst on my ovary which has finally gone away. I could tell a nice longggg story of how that diagnosis and recovery went, but I have a stack of dishes waiting to be washed, so I'm trying to make this blog concise. And lastly, somehow I weigh 3-5 lbs less now than I did prior to my pregnancy with Tyler, so I'm sure that's not helping the situation.

So I've been trying to get my body in tip-top baby shape while impatiently waiting for baby #2. Jordon and I started going back to the chiropractor (we've been so busy, we haven't gone in a year) and it's made a huge difference. If you've never seen a chiropractor, I highly suggest it! And I've started acupuncture. My chiropractor said she went and it made a big difference in her stress level, so I figured it'd be worth a try. Definitely an experience! It does not hurt and it feels like you're floating on a cloud kind of. The doctor even thought we could get my thyroid under control with the acupuncture and diet (rather than medication) which would be great since I'm way to young to have a crazy thyroid like I do! So hopefully it helps.

For now, Jordon, Tyler and I are having fun being a family and getting adjusted to having a crazy toddler! We've already dealt with a marker on the wall/floor/fridge experience, pulling trash out of the trash can incident, breaking of fragile items, throwing food on the floor, etc. And I'm sure there is plenty more to come.

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