Sunday, August 4, 2013

29 Weeks

11 weeks to go! I'm feeling bigger than ever this week, which is obviously technically true, but I still have a way to go and I realize just how big I will get if I look back on my belly pictures from last time. I'm happy to report a much less eventful week as far as my pregnancy goes and much more fun with my little toddler this week.

Our trip to the lake last weekend was great, and it was good to be reunited with my son after being in the hospital for so long! I was so happy to snuggle up with him our first day out at the lake and it was great to see how much fun he was having. Tyler LOVED swimming in the lake, and had absolutely no fear of running on into the water and diving under. I rebounded back quickly after getting out of the hospital, and other than a few days of fatigue, I felt much better just a couple days after getting home. Now I'm feeling back to normal (albeit, rather large haha), and I'm happy I can romp around and play with Tyler now.

Ty man had his big 2 year appointment that Monday, and got a good report. 28 lbs and 35 inches tall, about the 50th percentile for both height and weight (actually a little higher for height, but I'm not buying it haha). On Tuesday I had my 28 week appointment, and they were all happy to see I was feeling better. I had my glucose test, which I thankfully passed (I've been craving sweets so much, it'd be a tragedy if I did have gestational diabetes!), and they were happily surprised to see I managed to still gain a couple pounds since my last appointment despite my illness. I was actually pretty surprised/shocked as well, but I've still only gained about 10 lbs total, so I'm not freaking out (yet, haha). They tested my hemoglobin at this appointment as well, which did come back low, but I hadn't been taking my prenatal vitamins since before I was sick (for some reason my discharge papers from the hospital said to discontinue them), so starting those back up should straighten that out (after calling UVA and speaking with the doctors there, we found out that the discontinuation of my vitamins had been a mistake).

We held Tyler's birthday party this weekend, and although it was small (most people who had planned on coming the weekend I got sick had plans already for this weekend), we still had fun. I did an "under the sea" theme, complete with a watermelon shark, fish shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, blue frosted cupcakes, "pool punch" and of course, bubble wands for the kids. It was fun getting it all together and to see family that came in to help us celebrate. Since our house is still semi- in shambles and not 100% moved-in, Jordon's parents let us have the party at their house which was great and super helpful. Tyler wasn't really into the fact that it was his birthday, but he did enjoy getting some fun new toys (after unwrapping everything he'd say "open dis" or "out" haha). From what I can tell, he was appreciative of everything :-)

We are at Wintergreen this week while Jordon teaches another Nike camp, and I'm hoping for nice weather so Tyler and I can lounge at the pool and play outside alllll day! I feel like summer is just flying by and I hate it! I have my new faculty orientation on the 19th, then other stuff that week for school, and classes start the 26th, so summer really is coming to a close. Boo. Jordon will work one more camp next week, then he'll be getting ready for the fall season at JMU :-) My big-time, division 1 coach.... so proud!

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