Friday, October 4, 2013

37/38 Weeks

Blogging on-time this week (although a week late for last week haha). Jordon had to leave at 5:45 am for JMU since he is off to UVA for tennis this weekend and I could not fall back asleep. Since I've officially finished my maternity plans for school and all my grading for this week, I am going to try to be a good blogger!

So pregnancy-wise I've been feeling good, but oh-so pregnant. I forgot how big you feel in the last month! It's not terrible, and I know I'm going to miss the little things about being pregnant like feeling baby move inside me, the built-in hand rest my belly provides and semi-decent sleep (compared to having a newborn that is haha), so I've just been trying to enjoy these final couple weeks. I am VERY anxious to go on maternity leave from work now (especially because I've planned it out so I could go into labor this weekend and have coverage for my classes), so that is the only thing that has me looking at the calendar/clock and counting down the days until the 18th.

This final month of pregnancy has been quite different than it was when I was pregnant with Tyler. It's crazy how our lives and bodies change. With Tyler, I had false labor contractions ALL THE TIME from week 35 on. I'd go for a walk and boom, contractions for 2 hours, I'd do anything else physical and boom, contractions. This time, I've had one single bout of false labor contractions, which weren't really even contractions at all, more like general cramping (although it was not comfortable!). I'm almost afraid I'm not getting the head start I got last time I was pregnant and will go into the hospital in labor and be a lousy 2 cm dilated as compared to my check-in dilation of 7 whopping cm last time. Let's hope my body is doing some work behind the scenes and I'm just lucky enough to not feel it.

I've also had NO heart burn this time (knock on wood) when last time I was trying to balance out my overwhelming desire to eat anything with "spicy" or "chili" in the name in order to jump start labor with my fear of being up all night feeling like my heart was on fire.

Lastly, my nesting instincts this time have put on hold not due to the fact that we don't have a room for baby (like last time when we were prepping to move before Tyler came), but because I have a very rambunctious and busy toddler and a very hectic work schedule. I just want to nest!! Tyler has "helped" me organize the diaper closet and get some things in order, but he also tends to make a mess in the process and I have to spend just as much time cleaning up as I did organizing. I've been anxious to get baby girl's crib set up but I've had to wait on getting Tyler a twin bed (which we FINALLY did last week!), but now it's a matter of having time to go pick out sheets and bedding for him (hopefully this weekend). I also have been hanging a dust-ruffle sewing project over Jordon's gma's head for months now and cannot find fabric (at a reasonable price) that I want. I'm considering just buying one pre-made now since Target has some decent options. But that needs to be done before I can really get the crib all made up. Busy busy busy.

I've been wanting to take maternity photos with Tyler but our schedules are so nuts that we haven't had any free time to really plan that either... I told Jordon if I haven't had this baby over the weekend, we are definitely at least doing an informal photo shoot in the backyard on Monday. maybe. haha. We had an ultrasound last week to make sure baby was head down (and thankfully she is) but she didn't want to show off much to us! I had hoped to get a good 3d picture of her face, but it was so smooshed against my uterus that it just looked like a blurry mess. Even the pictures we got of her hands and feet are blurry because she is running out of room. I did have to laugh, however, because we got one, clear as day, 3d image of her lady parts haha. There is no denying she is a girl now!! Of all her body parts, she decides to give us a clear image of that... how lady like! I'd post the picture to show you just how clearly she was showing off, but it may be considered child pornography because it is just that distinct haha.

Anyway, on the toddler front, Tyler has been awesome as usual. He loves his new twin bed, but has only been napping in it since we just got the side rail for it yesterday and I was too nervous to let him sleep in it overnight without one. He naps great in it. He found my boppy nursing pillow and will ONLY use that pillow as his pillow for his bed. We're going to have an issue here in a couple weeks when I need it for nursing! It is pretty cute to see him cuddle up in it though. He's been doing great at school and goes without any tears now, which makes this momma proud. He even came home with a couple art projects the other day, and I was all smiles looking at how proud my little boy was of his work. He's growing up so much!

He's learned all sort of new words and phrases and it always surprises me what comes out of his mouth. The other day I asked him was shoes he wanted to wear, and was floored when he told me he wanted his "Nikes." hahaha! He definitely learned that one from Daddy! He's still giving baby sis lots of attention in the belly and I know he's going to be excited when she finally gets here. I'm so excited to see what his reaction will be!

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