Wednesday, September 11, 2013

32-35 Weeks

Another update fail, but I've been so busy I'm surprised I even updated at all. I officially started classes at JMU the last week of August and since then I've been completely on the go. Jordon also start tennis practice that week, so between both of our work schedules and Tyler's school schedule, we are just a hectic family. I'm enjoying work, as is Jordon (despite how exhausted we both are) and Tyler is doing great at school, so all is well on that front.

Pregnancy wise I'm doing well. I'm really enjoying pregnancy and trying not to wish it away quickly, but I have started to feel pretty big! It's very difficult to get a good night's rest because I'm constantly tossing and turning, and that tossing and turning is getting harder and harder to do (it takes more like 10-15 seconds to roll over these days then the 3 second pace I had back in my first trimester days). Plus the multiple midnight bathroom trips are taking a toll on me! Baby girl loves to move around and it's fun to feel her, although there have been some days where she'll tend to hang out high and make me extremely uncomfortable in the rib region. I feels lots of humps and bumps both anatomically and physically speaking on my belly, so I'm having a hard time figuring out what position she's in, but I've been told in my last three midwife visits that they are "pretty sure" she's head down, and they are doing an ultrasound in two weeks to confirm, so it looks like she is getting ready to come! (Ready or not for us!).

Tyler has been such a joy and I've hated leaving him to work. It is VERY sad that he can talk when he says "Momma, you go to work?" and I say "Yes" to which he responds "Tay with me!" However in the last couple weeks he's really become a Daddy's boy and almost always refuses to let me do anything when Daddy is around. Grr. Maybe he senses the change? But when it's just the two of us he's still my little boy, so I'm soaking up as much of that Tyler and Momma time as I can before our little princess invades the scene.

That's about all I have time for now... I still have lots of planning to finish up with for my maternity leave (and since I'll be 35 weeks on Friday, I really need to get those done!).

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  1. You look great! I would have a hard time leaving that sweet little boy too, but I bet he is having fun during the day playing. I have a feeling with as busy as you are your next update could be of the little girl!!