Saturday, May 14, 2011

29 Weeks

This week has been thankfully much more uneventful than the last. Baby has been growing and growing, and as he grows his kicks and punches are getting stronger and stronger. Jordon and I are still amazed whenever we can see his foot clearly move under my skin... talk about crazy!

As I read what is happening inside my belly each week, I am amazed at the process of the growth of a human being. This week, Tyler is getting closer to being 3 lbs, and about the length of a loaf of bread! I can't believe I have that inside me! His brain has developed to the point where he can control his own breathing and body temperature. They say babies "practice" breathing in the womb by breathing in amniotic fluid (um... ew) and can get hiccups from swallowing all that fluid. I know my man must be getting plenty of practice because he gets hiccups all the time! I had always heard stories of babies getting hiccups in the womb, and always wondered what it would feel like, and the other day I felt little movements which I thought were tiny kicks, until they started happening every 2 seconds for a few minutes. I KNEW they had to be hiccups! And he gets them every few days now haha.

And hiccups aren't the only movement I've been feeling. He is still moving around like crazy. I feel kicks, punches, squirms, rolls, tosses and turns all the time in there. Sometimes I swear he is trying to do the worm because I'll feel a rolling/squirming that make my entire belly visibly move. I've read your should start doing "kick counts" twice a day, and count the # of times your little one moves in an hour... if you count less than 10 movements in an hours, there may be some sort of issue in there. Well, I've started to do them, but they only last about 10 minutes or less because he moves SO much and SO often. Jordon and I are a little frightened of how crazy this boy will be when he comes out and learns to walk haha.

Next Wednesday we have an appointment at the OB and an ultrasound to make sure Tyler is growing despite my lack of packing on the pounds. Jordon and I are excited that we get to SEE our little one again! And the next week we're doing a 3D/4D ultrasound, so we'll get to say hello again! We are lucky, lucky parents!

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