Thursday, May 19, 2011

30 Weeks

Yesterday Jordon and I had our 30 week appointment, and it was by far one of the hardest things we've encountered on this journey. I had to have an ultrasound done because I haven't gained much weight during the pregnancy and they wanted to check that Tyler was still growing alright despite that. Well, he was definitely a big boy. He was measuring far ahead of his due date (they dated him as being due the 12th instead of the 28th of July) and was estimated to weigh 3 lb 14oz.

Unfortunately, his head size was measuring >95th percentile for his gestational age. One issue with that is the possibility that he'll have a big head and I'll need a c-section (which this pro-natural birth mom-to-be would like to avoid), however there were other indications. The ventricles of his brain were measuring large as well, something called ventriculomegaly. Apparently they need to be less than 10 mm and Tyler's were measuring somewhere between 10-15mm (I'm not really sure the number but it classified his case as "moderate"). So this bought us a trip to UVA for a level 2 ultrasound.

The midwife explained what this all meant a little bit, but either she wasn't very familiar with it (it is rare, occurring in only 1 of 1000 babies) or she really just didn't know enough from the ultrasound we had at the office to say anything about our case because she didn't give us much to go on. Long story short we know that there is some swelling, but we don't know a definite on the degree until we get to the next ultrasound. They have no clue what is causing it until we get to UVA, but it COULD be an infection that I fought off but the baby couldn't fight, a virus, a genetic/chromosomal disease, or something that has no known origin. We won't know until we get to UVA where it is going, but it could either resolve on it's own, resolve to a lower classification (so mild ventriculomegaly), or it could progress. Progression (from what I've read on the internet... I know, bad idea) could mean the baby could get hydrocephalus (increased pressure in the brain from increasing fluid), or could have neurological problems. Even if it doesn't progress, there is the chance that he will have developmental delays because of the increase in pressure going on right now, we just don't know if that is something our baby is at risk for.

So it is just awful having all of these uncertainties hanging over our head. Part of me is just sure everything has to be okay because this is my perfect little boy and he's been just fine until now (And with that cute little foot up there, how could something be wrong with him)! The other part of me fears the worse and I'm not sure if I need to start preparing myself for the possibility that Tyler will have something wrong with him when he's born, or for his entire life. The worst part is that we finally had our appointment scheduled, and they couldn't get us in until next Friday (the 27th)! That is 8 long days of worrying. I am trying SO hard to just pray about it and have faith that everything will be just fine. The Bible says, "Faith is being sure of what we hope for..." so I am going to try my hardest to be sure that Tyler is okay!! And whatever comes of the situation, I will be stronger for it and be able to handle it.

Jordon has been the best husband ever through all of this... poor guy has to deal with my crying all the time and still manages to stay positive throughout it all. Even though most my prayers are aimed for Tyler, I still make sure to thank God for really hitting the jackpot when he gave me Jordon as a husband :-)

So if you all could keep our little man in your prayers, we would truly appreciate it. Please pray number 1, that he is okay, and whatever going on in his head resolves without any major complications. Also pray that whatever God's will be with this situation, Jordon and I will be able to handle it and will be stronger for it. Thanks for reading and we will keep you updated!


  1. Praying for you -- Matt Maloy

  2. mandi, i, too, am sure that things are going to be ok...i am such a worrier just like you...but i have been praying so hard and i know that whatever comes our way, it truly will be the best thing for us. i just think ty is being a little stinkpot:) worrying us before he is even here! please call me or come over just to hang out and talk. we are praying for you and jordon as you help each other through this process. love you and try to have a fantastic one year anniversary!

  3. Mandi and Jordan,

    I LOVE you both and am praying for you - I had a big scare with my baby Kasey at 5 months, but GOD worked everything out for HIS good. I'm am praying that HE will do that for precious baby Ty.