Friday, May 6, 2011

28 Weeks

Wow. What a week it has been. My first official week in the third trimester really showed no mercy.

Like I mentioned last week, I had an awful toothache, which I ended up seeing my dentist for on Friday. Turns out I probably needed a root canal, but made an appointment with an endodontist for Monday to confirm. Monday rolled around and I got a call from the dentist's office that they'd checked with my insurance, and at best they would pay $300 of my $1000 root canal if I had to get one. Plus, they didn't cover the crown that I would need to have put on the tooth afterward, which would run another $1050. Like I really have the money for that?? I went in for the consultation and found out I definitely needed to have a root canal. Or I could have the tooth pulled, but I'd probably need a bridge put in later, or an implant, which would probably end up being even more expensive. They also told me I could wait until the baby was born to get it done if I felt more comfortable that way, but I would be risking it getting worse or infected. I called my mother who graciously offered to pay for my endodontic adventures and decided to go ahead and schedule the procedure for May 19th.

Well, that night I started to have some contractions. They weren't painful, but my belly was super tight and my uterus was definitely contracting. I tried laying on my left side and drinking water like they say to do, but nothing would help. I was having them every 5-7 minutes consistantly so I finally called the midwife on-call at the hospital and she told me to come in. Well one round trip to Harrisonburg and 2 and a half hours later, we found out they were just Braxton Hicks contractions brought on by stress. Hmm I wonder where all that stress came from?? The good thing though was the baby's heart rate was just perfect the whole time and the nurse said she was surprised that such a young baby was responding so well to contractions. Go Tyler!

Anyways, Wednesday rolled around and I went into the dentist for a cleaning. Well, I had swelling around my root canal-doomed tooth, and the dentist said it was the beginning of an infection. They called my endodontist and moved my procedure up to the next day! Plus I had to go on antibiotics. Could the week get worse? Long story short, I had the root canal done yesterday and it actually went really well... I am terrified of the dentist but the guy was great and so nice!! Still cost an arm and a leg (and a couple extra fingers and toes at that), but at least I didn't feel any pain! Plus, although I can't take Ibuprofen for the pain/swelling as normally recommended (since I'm preggers), I'm not in much pain at all today.

We also had an OB appointment yesterday morning. I had to drink the 10 fl oz. of extra sugary orange Hi-C (well, that's what it tasted like) for my glucose tolerance test. Yuck . Then I got my blood drawn when I got into the office(the results came back and I'm gestational-diabetes-free!). I then went in and met with the midwife who was concerned because I had actually lost 1/2 lb since my last visit, so I've only gained 11 lbs overall. She scheduled us for an ultrasound to make sure baby is growing despite my lack of growth on the scale. However, according to the belly measurement, he's growing right on track, so I'm not too concerned. It was pretty funny because when the midwife was measuring my belly, Tyler was kicking and moving like a mad man! She got a little kick and was so surprised! Then he kept on kicking her hands! She loved it haha. I KNEW my baby moved more than the average boy ;-) They also decided to take more blood because I've been feeling extra tired recently, and they wanted to check to make sure my thyroid is still behaving.

So there is my long rant about this week. It definitely was not fun, but it is over and things are getting taken care of. We go back in 2 weeks for another appointment and the growth ultrasound, and then the next week we're doing a 3D/4D ultrasound! We are very excited to see our little boy 2 weeks in a row! We also have an appointment to pre-register at the hospital in 2 weeks, so it is just making everything that much more real!! I cannot wait until this little boy comes to meet us!!

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