Saturday, June 18, 2011

34 Weeks

Yay! 6 (or less... or I guess maybe more) more weeks to go in this crazy adventure. Does time fly or what?? I think I am officially ready to have this baby. I'm not sure if it is the childbirth classes, my extended stay at the hotel RMH, or the fact that I've had 2 baby showers and pretty much have most of the essential baby stuff one needs for a newborn, but this week I decided I am officially ready for Tyler to come. I want him here so bad! Ideally, he'd wait 3 weeks and pop out at 37 weeks, which is considered "full-term" and would be nice and healthy, yet spare me 3+ more weeks of the brutal part of this pregnancy.

Recently, I've had to pee like a racehorse. Sorry if that's TMI, but if there has been one things that is annoying me, it is that! I went camping with the family this weekend, and it was just awful to wake up 4+ times a night and have to waddle to the bathroom in the dark via flashlight. I have to pee at LEAST every hour, and that is when I'm not drinking a lot. I've been trying to drink lots of water, and that is making it even worse. I think the baby had dropped a bit which is causing this wonderful symptom, but it has also taken some pressure off my stomach and I am finally able to eat decent size meals rather than getting full after 5 bites! In fact, on Friday I ate 2 and a half peanut butter sandwiches in a 3 hour time period. Impressed?

Jordon and I had an OB appointment on Wednesday, which went well. Both Jordon and the midwife were ecstatic that I gained 3 lbs since the last time I'd been in, making my grand weight gain total 15 lbs. My belly was measuring good, and his heart beat was strong as usual, so everything looked good. We saw the midwife who had been on-call two of the nights that we were at RMH, so she was happy to see I was feeling better. Jordon and I decided she was officially our favorite midwife at the practice and we hope she's the one to delivery baby! We also were able to get a quick peek of Tyler on the ultrasound, because the tech who had done our 3D scan told us we could come in and see if he was in a better position to see his face, since he was a little uncooperative last time. Well, he still had a little umbilical cord in the way, but he moved a ton, so in the 4D video we were able to catch some really good shots of his face!! The pictures we got weren't too much better, but I loved the glimpses I was able to see live while we were at the office! He is SO cute. And it was crazy how much fuller his face looked compared to the ultrasound we had 3 weeks ago!! My little boy is already growing up, and he isn't even officially here yet!

This upcoming Friday, we're heading back to UVA for a follow-up appointment to our level 2 ultrasound last month. They want to make sure Tyler's ventricles are still under the cutoff for ventriculomegaly, and if they have progressed any they will probably have us delivery at UVA. I have a very good feeling things are going to be fine, but in any case, please be praying for his continued health. God has given me such peace about this pregnancy, despite all of its ups and downs, so I'm optimistic things will be fine from here on out.

I've also felt SO blessed this week because of all the baby gifts/cards we've received!! First of all, my parents are just amazing and have been supporting both Jordon and I so much through this summer-of-adjustment, as well as preparation for baby! They got us a wonderful pack and play and gave us the money to get the crib and changing table we want. Lots of essentials for baby? Check! Jordon's mother threw me a wonderful baby shower, and is getting us a rocking chair for when baby comes, which again, is definitely an essential ;-) My friends from school all went in on a super nice Eddie Bauer stroller and car seat... again an essential, which was wonderful to receive, and Jordon and I's family and friends have been so generous with giving us gifts/cards/clothes. I've felt so fortunate because there are so many of my friends that I have seen or even talked to in years who have sent us gifts or well-wishes! We are so lucky to have such great people in our lives. It feels great to finally feel prepared for this little guy to come!

I'm so excited that this week by week countdown is getting slim, and so excited for Tyler to come. Please continue to keep us in your prayers, and as always, we'll keep you updated :-)

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