Thursday, June 23, 2011

35 Weeks

You don't know how much I love writing "35" up in that Title bar right now!! For some strange reason, 35 seems like WAY more than 34, and not quite so far away from "37" which is considered "full-term" ;-) So I've been, of course, unnecessarily trying to determine exactly when Tyler is going to make his appearance (yes, I realize that doing this is about as productive as trying to determine the exact #s that will be drawn for the lottery), and decided that if he is anything like his Momma, he will definitely show up at 37 weeks ready to go (or somewhere between that and 39 weeks because anything more than that would be cutting it too close lol). On the other hand, if he is anything like his dearest Daddy, he'll probably show up at like 40 weeks 2 days... late enough to annoy me, but close enough to 40 weeks to claim he was "on-time" haha. Obviously I think way too much.

This week I've been pretty miserable physically... I didn't know I could get quite so big! I find myself knocking things with my belly, which may sound quite entertaining to ya'll, but when I'm trying to reach for a cup in the cupboard and knock the oven with my belly, it is not so funny. Plus my weight has all conveniently located itself right smack in front of my body, and while it's comforting to know "you can't even tell you're pregnant from behind!" it means I KNOW I'm pregnant no matter what position I'm in because I hurt!! I've been studying like a mad woman for this ACSM certification exam I'm taking next week, and have to get up and walk around every 30 minutes because it hurts my hips so bad to sit. And I still have to pee all the time. I wake up in the middle of the night freaking out because my belly is tight and I think "Oh my gosh, I'm in labor", and then I realize "Oh, I just have to pee again." Ah, the joys of the 3rd trimester. Most of all, I'm just so anxious to meet Tyler. I can't wait to hold him, change his diapers (yes, seriously), bathe him, feed him, rock him to sleep, dress him, etc. I don't want to wait 5 more weeks! But, as long as he is healthy, I suppose I will just have to be patient and know he's got his own timing.

Jordon and I had our 3rd of 4 birthing classes on Monday, and I think I'm feeling pretty prepared for this experience. I realized that I think labor is going to be like an intense run for me (haha, okay I sound crazy, but go with me for a second)... I have always been an intense exerciser, and when I go for my runs, no matter how hot it is, no matter how steep the hill is (and for all those who are familiar with Harrisonburg, think Port Republic Rd) I keep running and refuse to let myself walk because I just KNOW I can do it, get to the end of the run, and then feel so amazingly accomplished for what I did. I think labor may be something like that. If I can keep that mindset, I think I can accomplish a pain-med free birth. That is, if Tyler cooperates and turns his head at an ideal angle so that it will actually fit through my pelvis haha.

Friday we went back to UVA for a follow-up visit to our last, just checking in on how Tyler's brain is. His ventricles were measuring pretty much the same (just decimal points higher), so it looks like nothing has really progressed thankfully. And everything seemed to be looking good as far as him growing... they estimated he is about 6lbs 1oz. right now (which is pretty much right at average for babies his age). His head also seems to slightly have decreased in growing rate, as it is now measuring at the 88th percentile as opposed to the 95th as it was last time. The doctor said "Yes, he has a very big head, but it's not like it's the biggest in the class" haha. She is going to talk with the midwives at my OB office and see what they think about delivery... so there is still a slight chance we'll be recommended to delivery at UVA (just on the off-chance that Tyler's big ventricles will pose any problems), but I'm hopeful they'll decide it's okay for me to stick with RMH. We also have to go back to UVA on July 15th (granted he doesn't come before then!) to check up and make sure everything is still in check. I'm not looking forward to having to travel across the mountain back to Charlottesville for a THIRD time, but I'm glad they are keeping an eye on my little boy.

In the past couple weeks, I've gotten a lot of unexpected comments from unexpected people along the lines of "Oh yeah, I saw that in your blog," or "Yeah, I read your blog and..." and it made me realized that people (other than my mom and my MIL) actually read this!! It was really exciting to know that people are actually interested in what is going on in the life of my baby bump. Obviously, this is comforting to know when I've gone through so much tough stuff with this pregnancy, but even when things are looking up, it's nice to know people care and are thinking about us :-) So thanks to everyone who reads... you're the best!

Btw, I got back all my pregnancy photos from Erin Mahoney Photography!! They are just wonderful, so take a look!!


  1. Aw of course we read your blog! Can't wait to see you in the next week or so and of course I REALLY can't wait to meet the little guy! So glad things are looking good with him. Keeping you, Jordon, and Tyler in my thoughts!


  2. I of course read your blog even in Costa Rica!! :) love you guys lots and thinking of you tons even while i am abroad! can't wait to meet Tyler when i get back to the us (I'm convinced he will be here by the time i get back).

    Also my photos of you are amazing because you are the best model ever!

    Love you lots!


  3. I have read it every week too! I want you to know that I am going to be here for you, Jordon, and baby tyler with all the big changes in your lives. Even away from your family and friends, just know, you will have another young wife and mother living close by!

    Love you,