Friday, July 1, 2011

36 Weeks

Officially only a month left! Yikes! Time is certainly flying. I am feeling extra pregnant these days, because *I think* the baby "dropped." Now I've never been pregnant before and don't know exactly what it feels like to have the baby drop, but judging by the fact that my belly is definitely hanging lower (the picture in purple is this week), and I feel like Tyler is literally waving around in my hips, I'm assuming he's shimmied his way down towards his exit. It's reassuring to know I'm one step closer to labor, but now my hips hurt more than ever, and I feel like I really have to do the pregnant waddle now to get around.

Jordon and I had an OB appointment on Wednesday which went well. I had been having a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions recently and my belly was looking a little lower, so I asked her what she though about me traveling this weekend (Jordon and I had plans to go house hunting in Ferrum, then head to visit my family in Columbia and I don't want to go into labor while we're out of town!). She checked me and I was just shy of 2cm dilated... she said she definitely wouldn't expect that much in a first time mom this early, but it wasn't a certain indication that I was going to go into labor anytime soon. Professionally, she advised not to travel, but I'm pretty sure I can hang in there this weekend and want to see my family, so we decided to risk it. But, we will see what happens in the upcoming week! Next Thursday will mark the 37 week mark, so if he decides to show anytime after that, I'll be fine with that!

As far as development goes, by this week it's pretty boring. I read pretty much everything is formed, and now he is just packing on the baby fat, and getting ready to come out to the world. His head is down and butt is up towards my ribs (as it should be apparently). Crazy how much he's developed in 36 weeks, isn't it??

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