Friday, July 29, 2011

40 Weeks/1 Week

So yesterday my offical "due date" came and went and I was SO thrilled that I had already had my baby boy for a week! This week had flown by, and it makes me nervous for how quickly the rest of my little one's life is going to go by!

Jordon, Tyler and I arrived home from the hospital on Sunday night, and were lucky enough to have plenty of friends and family bringing meals and other fun gifts by all week. Jordon and I have been busy trying to take care of our newest addition, as well as entertain plenty of visitors who want to see our little man!

Everyone keeps asking us if we're getting any sleep, and honestly we really aren't, but I could not care less about it because I have this awesome incentive to stay up. There is nothing like rocking Tyler all night long and having him look up at me with those baby blue eyes :-) Jordon and I have been trying to rotate shifts of staying up, but it is pretty hard to do since I'm breastfeeding and have to be an on-demand restaurant for our little boy haha. The other night I actually fell asleep while feeding him, and woke up about 25 minutes later and he was still going at it and looking at me like "Yeah, I saw that Mom." He just cracks me up. We're also enjoying dressing him up in cute little outfits, however we realized that we were not quite as prepared as we thought we'd be in the clothing department. I was just convinced we'd have a big boy, so I didn't buy ANY newborn clothes. Thankfully, we had gotten some newborn onesies as gifts, and Luke and Jenna had given us a bunch of newborn clothes that little Lucas had either worn once or never fit into (because he actually was a big boy at birth!), so we've been able to get by. But compared to the amount of 0-3 month and 3-6 month clothing we have, we barely have anything for out little one!

We took Tyler to the doctor on Tuesday for his newborn check-up, which went well. We LOVE the pediatrician we are using (we stuck with the same one who saw him in the hospital). Tyler was looking perfectly healthy, but did loose a lot of weight. He was 7lb 5 oz at birth, and had dropped to 6lb 14oz at discharge. Newborns typically loose 6 to 10oz from their birth weight, so it wasn't a big deal. However, when they weighed him at his appointment he weighed 6 lb 3 oz, which the doctor said was more weight loss than he'd like to see, however it wasn't abnormal for a first-time breastfeeding mom to have a baby loose a little more because of how hard it is to get the hang of feeding them! Thankfully, since then, Tyler has been eating SO much better, so we expect he will have definitely gained some weight when we go to see the pediatrician again next week.

So our first week in parenthood has definitely been a learning experience, and exhausting, but Jordon and I are loving every minute of it. The best part of my day is holding Tyler and I'm so happy I get to do it so often :-)

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