Sunday, August 7, 2011

2 Weeks!

My sweet little boy turned 2 weeks old on Thursday! Time is just flying by and he is just growing and growing like a weed. I have definitely come to the realization that parenthood is HARD, but I am still loving every day of it.

Breastfeeding has got to be the hardest part of this crazy adventure. Since I am the only one who can feed Tyler, I have to be awake on demand for his feedings. Sometimes I think Jordon uses this to his advantage, especially when Tyler is wailing at 3am and Jordon brings him over to my side of the bed saying "... I think he's hungry." Haha, just kidding. But I do have to feed that little guy every 2-3 hours, so it gets VERY exhausting. Thankfully, he's getting a little better at sleeping at night, so he will normally go 4 hours between feedings and sleep pretty well. And I know I'm helping him grow big and strong so it's totally worth it!

We took Tyler to the pediatrician for his 2 week check up on Thursday. Much to our and the doctor's surprise, he weighed 7 lb 10 oz... he gained 1 lb 3 oz in 9 days! I must have magic breastmilk or something. Everything else was looking perfect as well... the doctor was very impressed with how much Tyler moved! He was just squirming about on the table, not crying, just content as can be. And the doctor kept saying how cute Tyler was... but obviously that didn't surprise me :-)

As for me, I am feeling pretty much recovered from my pregnancy. At 10 days postpartum I had gotten down to my pre-pregnancy weight, and today I was actually 2 lb less than that! Thank you breastfeeding. The only thing physically bugging me these days (other than being tired of course) is my back hurting... I think I was so used to having all the extra weight in the front, my body doesn't know what to do now that it's gone. Hopefully that will adjust itself here soon!

This whole pregnancy, birth, and parenthood journey has been quite the adventure, but definitely something I'm excited to do again. People ask me all the time if, after having gone through all of this, I still want to have 4 kids and I tell them, absolutely, maybe more :-) As hard as everything was, it has been the most rewarding experience and I am all for round two!.. in a year or so of course ;-)

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