Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1 month!

Our precious bundle of joy is officially one month old! And boy has time absolutely flown by! We moved down to our new house in Ferrum on the 14th and have been adjusting to life here ever since. We've had a lot of unpacking to do, and still do have a ton to do, but I made it my first priority to put the nursery all together! Since I wasn't able to do this during the final weeks of my pregnancy, I was more than anxious to unleash my nesting instincts now. Of course, it is much, much harder to spend time nesting when you have a little one to take care of.

It has really surprised me just how difficult and time-consuming it is to take care of a baby! Don't get me wrong, because I've absolutely loved every minute of it, but it is definitely hard work! Jordon heads to work at 9 in the morning, and the next thing I know he's coming home at 3 and I feel like I haven't done anything except feed the baby all day. At least I never get bored while I'm home!

Tyler has been growing and growing like a weed! We weighed him the other day (well, we weighed Jordon on the scale, then weighed Jordon holding Tyler, and then subtracted... very precise, I know) and he was 9 lb 6 oz. My little boy is just growing! He still won't fit into any clothes other than newborns, which I both enjoy (because I don't want him to grow up too fast!), but is frustrating because we have SO many cute little outfits for him that are 0-3 month sized. Right now it's just onsies and pajamas for him! He's also developing so quickly. He's been able to hold his head up and turn it from side to side when he's on his tummy for a couple weeks now, and I swear any day now he's going to roll over! He tries SO hard to flip over when we lay him down, I would be surprised if he isn't rolling around by next month. And he focuses a lot more on our faces when we play with him... he even gives a couple babbles every now and then, but I can't wait till he starts revving up that baby talk... I just love it!

I finally got back into running this week! I had to start out really easy since I have gone for a run longer than 3 miles in 10 months haha... and I hadn't run at all for at least the last 3 months so I have much getting back into shape to do! I've been doing 15-20 minute runs with some walking at the end and they've been going well. My lungs were definitely burning, but I'm not sure if it was from me being out of shape, or from the 3 bras I had to wear in order to contain my new mommy-sized chest haha. Despite that, it felt good to break a sweat from working out rather than from waddling around with 7 lbs of baby in me.

So overall we're enjoying our new life with out little baby in it. We've been very blessed to have a beautiful new home to live in, and a lot of new, generous friends bringing us meals almost every night. We've enjoyed taking Tyler for walks around the campus in the evenings, and I thinkw e are really going to like our new life here!

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