Friday, July 15, 2011

38 Weeks

38 weeks and still no baby :-( I guess he just wants to hang out inside momma a little longer, but I can't help but wish he was here!! Not only am I uncomfortable, but I am just so anxious to meet my little guy!

It's hard having to wait around for him to come especially when the rest of Jordon and I's life is kind of on hold until he makes his debut. We're planning on moving down to Ferrum after Tyler comes, so I feel so apprehensive to start packing or anything until our baby comes, because I don't know if we're going to be moving a couple weeks from now, or a month from now. Plus, I don't get to decorate a nursery, because his nursery will be in our new house, so all of my nesting instincts have had to be put on hold. I did, however, go through the hundreds of diapers we'd been handed down from Luke and Jenna and our neighbors who had a baby in May (so lots of newborn and size 1 diapers their little one's had outgrown), and organized them into boxes based on size and counted them haha. I have to do something with my time! I also put together Tyler's stroller because it had been in the same box as the car seat, which we had to take out and set up obviously, and because I thought maybe it'd entice Tyler to come out. No such luck, but I do love the stroller!

So I've been trying everything (that I consider safe to try that is) under the sun to get Tyler to come if he's ready. On Saturday, Grace and Perri came over and we made labor cookies, which taste like ginger snaps with an after-kick of cayenne pepper, and they obviously didn't work, but they sure are tasty when frosted with cream cheese icing! I've also been walking a TON, which like I said before, may not guarantee I'll go into labor, but it helps me feel proactive and I enjoy being physically active. Jordon and I have been talking to Tyler and telling him that we'd love for him to come out if he's ready, but either he's still cooking in there, or he's just already misbehaving and not listening to us haha. Also, my yoga ball has become a permanent fixture in our living room, as I've been sitting and bouncing on it whenever I watch TV to get Tyler locked and loaded into the ideal birthing position haha.

Today, Jordon and I had a full day of doctor's appointments. We went to UVA early in the morning for another check-up of Tyler's ventricles. I had been hoping and hoping, and sort of expecting to go into labor before this appointment rolled around, and of course had no such luck, so we were out of the door by 6:50 am this morning to get to Charlottesville. Tyler's head was nice and nestled into my pelvis, but they were still about to get some decent images of his brain... It turns out that his ventricles were measuring MUCH more in the normal range than ever (at 7.5mm when >10mm is considered ventriculomegaly) which was SO reassuring! We saw a different doctor than we had the last two appointments (much to Jordon's dismay because our normal OB there was an awesome Jamaican woman named Dr. Lashley haha) but he seemed convinced everything was normal and that we shouldn't expect any complications with our little man after birth :-) Praise the Lord! They also said he was measuring at about 7 lb 10 oz now, so I'm hoping he comes soon before he gains too much more weight!!

Then, this afternoon we had an appointment at our regular OB office and it was the most uneventful thing ever. The nurse who weighed me told me it looked like I had a ball under my shirt because all my baby weight was there and then my midwife said I was "all baby"... I think they love to make pregnant women feel good about themselves there!! Although I will agree that my belly is straight-up baby, because you can literally see where he is in there by the distorted shape of my baby bump (see photo above... I mean, who has a lopsided baby bump?)! But that was pretty much the visit... I was hoping my midwife would tell me the exact day and hour I'd go into labor, but alas, no luck. Jordon says it's going to be this week, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up!

Last night I could literally feel Tyler moving into my hips... I felt like he was trying to wedge his head in there or pry open my hips with his hands which was by far the strangest feeling ever. Plus I had shooting nerve pains down my legs from where he's laying/resting on nerves in my pelvis. After walking around town today I literally felt like he was just going to fall out or something because of all the pelvic pressure I've had, and now I'm getting Braxton Hicks contractions ALL the time (the non-painful kind though thankfully! although I wouldn't complain if I had painful ones, if they were real!). This baby has got to be coming soon!!! I mean, even the old lady working at Michael's told me I looked like my bump had dropped so much that he'd fall out if it dropped anymore haha... I love how strangers put their two cents into everything when you're pregnant ;-)

So long story short for the week, I'm still pregnant, I'm SO ready for baby to be here, and according to everyone the baby should be coming any day now... I guess it's just up to my little man now! Come on Tyler, let's go!!

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  1. We are SO ready to meet Baby Tyler too! And to help you get settled into your new house! You will love living on Campus. It is perfect for walks and is close to everything good Ole ferrum has to offer. I can't wait for you to have that baby and move closer....I think mommy and daddy will need some time to rest up after the baby and the move...I wonder where you could find a experienced babysitter near by...hmmm. Sending you labor dust!

    love ya,