Thursday, July 21, 2011

39 Weeks

SO I wrote this blog yesterday, and was waiting to "publish" it until I had Jordon take a belly picture for the week... well the background to the picture is RMH... I'm in labor! So ignore all the ranting about not going into labor yet:

Bah... I never thought I'd had to write a blog titled "39 weeks" but I guess the further along I am, the closer I must be to seeing Tyler. After all the false labor I had between 35 and 37 weeks and the progress I made so early on, I was SURE I would have gone into labor by now, but I guess my son is just content as can be inside momma, and I've learned my lesson about expectations for my next pregnancy!

So I've been pretty darn miserable this week. I literally cannot think about anything else during the day other than "When the heck am I going to go into labor?" or "I'm never going into labor!" It doesn't help that I stay home all day long while my darling husband is off at work! Yesterday, he took the afternoon off and drove to Winchester with me just to look around and window shop because I had a mental breakdown at lunch and HAD to get out of the house (Yes, even in the 98 degree weather!). I've been trying to distract myself with things around the house like packing for our big move, but we don't have many boxes to pack much right now, plus it is hard packing when you're not positive when you're actually moving! As an obsessive-compulsive planner and organizer, Tyler is killing me! Do you know how painful it was to write "baby?" on the 28th in my planner? haha. I would have much rather written "baby!"

I also went on a mad cleaning streak throughout my entire house on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had literally had it up to my nose with sitting on the couch and it was way too hot to go walking outside, so I popped my ipod earphones in and started cleaning like a mad woman. It all started out because there were some odds and ends in the living room that didn't belong there (as usual haha), so I started just putting "stuff" way. Then I noticed how dirty the floors were so I vacuumed every room in the house. Then I noticed how dusty it was so I dusted everything... and so on and so on until my house was spotless. I even got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen floor (it's the only way to clean linoleum in my opinion!). Anyways, if THAT didn't put me into labor, I don't know what will!

I've started to become convinced that I will never go into labor. I've tried labor cookies, spicy foods, walking (a ton!), sitting on a yoga ball, red raspberry leaf tea, etc (pretty much anything but castor oil... yuck!). Still nothing. And other than my burst of "nesting" this week, I don't think I have any of the signs of impending labor, even though I've been trying to over analyze those all week as well. The internet is dangerous haha.

I did, however, set up Tyler's pack and play! I figured it has a changing table attachment, and since we aren't setting up the crib/changing table until we move into our house in Ferrum, we'll need something to change him on! Plus, I thought it may entice him to come on out, but again, no luck! I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be for this little guy to come out, so please be sending labor thoughts my way!

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