Saturday, September 17, 2011

8 Weeks

My little boy is 8 weeks old! And we've had lots of fun! I just love being able to stay at home with Tyler during the day, and although I have moments where I'm ancy to get out of the house or do something else other than feed the baby all day, it is so fulfilling to raise my baby! We are just the best of friends... I never thought a baby could be my best friend, but seriously, he is giving Jordon and run for his money :-) And I can't believe what a nerd I've turned into. I think my voice may permanently change to a few octaves higher because of all the baby talk I do all day and I seriously think I may consider a job as a music editor on Sesame Street because recently I've come up with new hits such as "Bath Time for Baby" and the classic "The Poo-poo King."

And sometimes I miss the easy-ness of life before baby, like being able to eat dessert leisurely after dinner, but I don't think I could love Tyler anymore, and life would not be the same without him! The other night Jordon handed him over to me to feed, and at that moment I realized I had been missing him for the 5 hours we had been sleeping and was so excited to have him in my arms again!!

Speaking of sleeping, Tyler has actually been doing really well!! On the night before my birthday he slept SEVEN hours straights!! I actually had to wake up in the middle of the night to pump, and was sure he'd wake up right as I got in bed wanting to eat, but I was surprised when I woke up with the sun just starting to rise and he was just starting to stir. And the night of my birthday he slept 6 hours! Since then he is averaging about 5 hours, then he eats, then sleeps another 2-3 hours before it's time to wake up, so we are very happy parents! He's still not doing great on napping during the day (he only seems to want to nap for about 30 minutes max) but I'd rather him sleep well at night than during the day if I had to choose!

And he's also been behaving well enough for me to get back into an exercise routine (Thank goodness!!!). After I have lunch I feed him, we play for about ten minutes, then I put him in his swing in the basement and he watches me do about 10 minutes of my workout then falls asleep, usually long enough for me to finish the workout and shower. Good boy! He knows momma would go crazy if she didn't get to work out :-) I've been doing the Insanity workout, which I did last summer, and I already feel MUCH more in shape than ever. I even have my abs back! I'd like to be running more, especially because Jordon and Tyler got me new Sacony Kinvara 2s for my bday, but it is hard to find time since Jordon works 9am-6:30pm right now, and I can't take Tyler in the jogging stroller just yet, but I'm hoping soon Jordon will have more time to watch him and I'll be able to take Tyler in the stroller sometime. My parents got me a BOB running stroller, probably the best stroller you can get, so I am SO excited to use it!!

So life is going great! I love mommyhood.

And as I mentioned last time, Jordon and I are still in the midst of the Medela photo contest!! If you haven't voted, click the link and vote! And if you HAVE voted, please pass the link along to your friends/family/co-workers/etc!! I'm 14 votes behind first place so I need some votes!!!

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