Sunday, October 2, 2011

10 Weeks

I've been staying at home with the Ty man for 10 weeks now and it still hasn't gotten old. I just love hanging out with him!

He has gotten SO big! We took him to the pediatrician for his 2 month appointment last Monday, and he weighed 10 lb 13 oz, and was 24 inches long. That put him in the 25th percentile for weight (which is low, but he growing at a steady rate from his weight at 2 weeks... he was in the same percentile then) and between the 75-90th percentile for height. The doctor said if he kept up at this rate, he'd be tall and skinny haha. Since neither Jordon and I have many tall people in our families, we're assuming his vertical growth will begin to slow down.

Tyler had hit all his 2 month developmental milestones (such as holding his head up, smiling in response, making cooing noises) and also some of the 4 month ones as well (like bearing weight on his legs). He is gifted. And he had to get three shots, which he was NOT happy about... and neither was I! The nurse poked him with the first needle and he got quiet, his eyes got big, and then he just wailed. It broke my heart!! And after he got the last shot I couldn't help but swoop him right up and hold him. He was pretty fussy afterward and the rest of the day, but the next day he was fine.

I've been taking Tyler for rides in his big boy BOB running stroller (just walks right now though... can't run with him until he gets a little older!) which is awesome. Best stroller ever! And I love taking him down the the tennis courts every afternoon to visit Jordon and his players during practice. The players seem to have taken quite a liking to him, and always call him "junior" instead of Tyler haha.

As for my Medela contest that I have been begging abut for the last month... I lost :-( The other girl was TOTALLY cheating though! In the last week, whenever I'd get up more than 10 votes, she'd come back and get ahead 20 some votes in 15 minutes. Then, the last night, I got up 4 and ten minutes later was down 30 votes. Something was fishy. Jordon wrote an anonymous email to Medela cluing them into the situation and I found out a few days later my mom had too! haha. I'm still hoping she gets disqualified! But no matter what, I thought it was awesome that I ended up with 767 votes!!! So many awesome people supporting me! Plus, Tyler is the best and sweetest kid in the world, so even if Traci B. from Ohio wins the breastpump, I got the best prize of all :-)

I did, however, re-enter the contest with another photo. They do a random draw for another grand prize, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw my name into the pot for October. If you want to vote though, be my guest!! I don't think I will be as aggressive about getting votes this month, unless it looks like there isn't much competition... then maybe I'll reinstate my campaign haha. Here's the link:

then you enter your email address, and they will send you an email with a link to click to verify your vote!

So long story short, I'm loving everyday in parenthood. My kid is just awesome. I knew I would love Tyler, but never knew how much I could love him. It is incredible and a one-of-a-kind type of love.

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