Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby colds are no fun.

It's crazy how much Tyler has grown over these past 12 weeks... and it's also hard to believe it's been 12 weeks since I had him, and that before that he wasn't in Jordon and I's lives! We thank God every day for our little blessing.

This week we were faced with one of the terrors of parenthood: the baby cold. You have never heard a more pitiful sound than the sound of a baby's cough. He first started coughing a bit on Sunday, and even threw up too, so I thought it may be some reflux. But then Sunday night he was stuffed up and cough more, so I knew it had to be a cold! I thought we'd avoid this part of parenthood for awhile because I'm exclusively breastfeeding and he's getting all of those good antibodies, but I guess not. I even felt a little responsible for him getting sick... like my milk wasn't good enough to keep him well! (Oh, a parent's mind). But he got over it really quick! By Tuesday he was only coughing a tiny bit and by Wednesday he was like new. Phew. Crisis avoided. By the way, I was one of those parents who immediately called the pediatrician and asked what I could do, what to look out for, was it okay that his cough sounded wet, etc. I expect they will be on speed dial by the end of this year ;-)

So needless to say, Ty man and momma were pretty lazy while being cooped up inside this week. He hates not being able to take his daily stroller rides! It was pretty funny though because on Monday, Jordon got home from work (early! yay for fall season being over!) so he watched baby while I went for a run. When I got back from my run Jordon was pushing Tyler around in his jogging stroller... about 20 foot laps through the living room and kitchen! It was hilarious, and Tyler was loving it! Yay for Daddy's improvisation.

Tyler has been sleeping pretty well these days. He was on a great track of sleeping 6-7 hours straight a night back in September, but then we went away one weekend and he got off track. Boo. But this week he'd been doing much better again, and slept 7 and a half hours the other night. It was awesome! I'm hoping he can keep this up! A well slept mommy is a happy mommy!

I've been getting a little stir crazy recently. I can see why 12 weeks would be enough maternity leave for working mommas. I've been thinking a lot about getting back to work, or what I want to do from here out. Jordon and I talked about it, and we're thinking I MAY go back to school (emphasis on the the "may," no plans as of yet!). After having such an incredible birth experience, I am OBSESSED with babies/pregnancy/labor. In fact, right now my DVR has Birthday, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, A Baby Story, Secretly Pregnant, and some other assorted baby/pregnancy specials on Discovery Fit & Health set to record. So Jordon and I think it might be rewarding for me to get my RN and become a labor and delivery nurse, and possibly continue my education and become a midwife! The community college in Martinsville has an accelerated nursing program and if some of my credits from JMU would transfer over, I could probably complete the program fairly quickly. Also, Shenandoah University has a CNM program, so that could be a possibility later in the future. But again, we're just brainstorming right now... we'll see if this is the path God wants me on!

As for now, Tyler and I are just enjoying being best buddies during the day, and hanging out with Daddy in the evenings. I love my little family!

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