Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It Ain't The Real Thing

Ah, the Battle of the Bottle continues! For the record we have tried Medela, Dr. Brown's, Platex Drop Ins, Breastflow, and Gerber's latex nipples. Tyler actually thought about taking the latex nipple a bit, but no cigar. I even tried putting a little bit of VERY watered down apple juice (I know, bad mommy!), but he didn't want anything to do with it. He KNOWS it ain't the real thing.

So we tried moving onto sippy cups. I bought two types, a Gerber Graduates by NUK (recommended for ages 6 mo+) and a Playtex starter (recommended for ages 4 mo+). Surprisingly, my little 3.5 month old liked the NUK one! Well, I'm getting ahead of myself. He took it a little bit, and it was pretty hilarious seeing a baby drinking from a sippy cup, but he didn't really drink enough for it to be considered a success. I think we are going to take a break for a few days, then try again.

I just love that Tyler loves nursing... we have such a precious bond and there is nothing sweeter than snuggling up to my little one, but boy am I tired!! He is either going through a growth spurt (which isn't uncommon between 3-4 months of age) or he is just reverting back to his newborn sleeping ways, because he is waking up about 3 times a night compared to the 1 time we had weaned down to earlier. It would be awesome if Jordon could give that boy a bottle so momma could sleep! I do have to give props to my wonderful hubby though... the other morning Tyler woke up fussing around 6am, so we decided to change his diaper (we normally don't do this during the night because it makes him wake wide up!) and of course, he became bright eyed and bushy tailed! Jordon took him downstairs and sat with him on the couch so I could get some sleep. Best present ever.

And Jordon and I have started to *think* about solid foods. The recommendation for starting those is 4-6 months, but really, babies don't need them until 6 months (when baby's iron needs start to surpass what is in breast milk). However, Tyler always eyes our foods and will open up his mouth if I put my spoon up to it! Cutest thing ever, by the way. So we'll see what happens, but we definitely won't be starting before 4 months. Plus, they recommend waiting until baby double their birth weight, and Tyler is only about 13lbs now, so we still have to wait for a little more growth! And after we start with cereal, I'm definitely going to make my own baby food. It seems like it would be fun and then Tyler won't get any of those added preservatives or what not from the jarred kind (of course, I grew up on the jarred kind and ended up fine, but I have the time and will make my own!). I hate having Tyler grow up and not be a baby anymore, but I am so excited for these milestones like eating solid foods, crawling, talking, etc.

Speaking of growing, Tyler is doing it like a weed! Mostly vertically to be honest. I feel like every time I do laundry, I am putting something else away in the big tub of "Clothes that are too small for Tyler, but will be perfect for our next son!" Watch us have 3 girls next haha. But between hand-me-downs from Lucas jr., hand-me-downs from our neighbor who has a 1 year old son, and the uninhibited shopping trips by my mother and Jordon's mom, we have more than enough clothes.

We are getting so excited for Christmas around our house! Normally, I don't get excited this early, but maybe having a kid has made me more anxious for the holidays. Tyler has Christmas pj's all ready thanks to my mom, so I am so ready for the red and green holiday! I'm trying to figure out what to get Tyler for Christmas. I mean, what in the world do you get a 5 month old baby? He definitely does not need any clothes, that's for sure! I'm thinking about getting a wooden toy chest from Michael's and painting it for him. He probably won't care much about the gift, but hopefully he'll enjoy unwrapping it!

Anyways, wish us luck on our bottle adventures... hopefully I'll have some good news to report next time!

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