Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Terrible 2s

No, you didn’t fall asleep for 20 months and not know it. Tyler is still only 4 months old, however he is now wearing size 2 diapers! Yikes. To be fair, he was in size 1 diapers for a good 3 months, but still, this is evidence of him growing up too fast for my liking!

I thought he was going to stay in the ones for awhile, but we started having some leaking issues. One morning, I woke up and Tyler’s back was all damp. I thought maybe he had sweat in his sleep because Jordon and I both do that way too often (on the up side, I wash our sheets all the time because of it, so we have the cleanest sheets on the block!). But then another day I was playing with him on his playmat, went into the kitchen for something for only 2 minutes, and came back and he was wet up the back again! So I realized it must be pee. How it got up the BACK of his diaper is beyond me, but once I tried the 2s on him, this problem seemed to vanish. Less laundry for mommy, yay!

And now for the “terrible” part. My little Tyler has become “that” baby… you know, the one crying away in the restaurant and you’re not sure whether to feel bad for the parents or be angry because you can’t have a quiet meal in peace. Yup, my kid. When we went to Williamsburg for Jordon’s recruiting trip, we went out to dinner at Olive Garden. Tyler hadn’t been eating too great that day and he’s been starting to teethe, so he just decided to fuss, fuss, fuss during dinner. Oh how I miss the days when he was a newborn and would sleep through dinner! The waitress kind of made a joke about it saying “that’s why you bring Grandma to dinner too!” because she was a grandma herself. And another table of women walked by ours on their way out and said “He’s so cute” and we said ”And fussy tonight!” and one of them said “I was thinking about asking if you needed me to hold him so you could actually eat your dinner!” Ah, embarrassing.

But it was good to hear from his pediatrician, at his 4 month appointment, that yes, he was starting to teethe! An actual reason for the fussiness thank goodness. No actual teeth sticking out yet, but the doctor said he could see the gum flattening out and the teeth making their way up! In addition to fussing, Tyler is drooling a TON, biting anything and everything in sight (and all I can think it GERMS!) and being a fussy nurser. Oh, parenthood. But, he did do SO well on our trip to Woodstock for Thanksgiving. He was such a chill baby and just cuddled up to whoever held him, so we can complain too much.

It is just amazing how much this little man has grown in the past 4 months. Four months for me seems to make no difference, but for him, it has meant learning to smile, starting to “talk,” rolling over and over and over, laughing and starting solids! We’ve been giving the little man (organic) brown rice cereal (yes, I’m one of those mommas) and he’s eating it like a champ! Opens that mouth wide open and eats it right up! Well, occasionally he’ll get it in his mouth, smile, then drool it all out, but most of the time the majority gets in that little belly! Per the pediatrician’s advice, we’re going to wait another 4-5+ weeks to start other solids.

At his appointment we also found out Tyler is 13 lb 14 oz (20-25th percentile) and just under 27 inches long (95th percentile). Where he gets those height genes from is beyond me, but it looks like we may have a tall, skinny boy on our hands! And his head circumference was in the 50th percentile, so any worries we had about his brain issue in utero are of the past. He had also reached ALL of his 4 month milestone and almost all of the 5 month ones as well. Gifted.

And lastly, our poor man is just doing SO much traveling but has been a champ about it. We can definitely tell he is discontent, as anytime we put him in his car seat these days he fusses (I understand though… I’m sure the last thing you want to do when you’re learning to romp and roll is to sit still for hours). As much as I LOVE the holidays, I’m almost looking forward to them being over so we can have some family time at HOME and not in a car! This week we are diving into the adventure of decorating for the holidays! This proves a lot more difficult when you’re also juggling a baby on your hip! And we’re getting our Christmas photos taken, getting a tree, and maybe getting some baking done (have to make my famous cookies for the Ferrum College Athletics staff!). Wish us luck!

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