Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baby's First Halloween

So this weekend we took Tyler up to Woodstock to celebrate his very first Halloween. Now some people would ask, "Why would you buy a Halloween costume for a baby?" but once you take a look at Tyler's pea-in-the-pod costume, you can see why we couldn't resist!

Originally, I was planning on getting Tyler a pumpkin costume, but then the thought of a little pea-in-the-pod, with a little baby face sticking out, popped into my head and my mind was set! We searched high and low for the costume, and even considered ordering one online and paying the ridiculous $20 shipping to get it here in time for Halloween, but then we found one at a local party shop in Salem. Plus, all children's costumes were 40% off there, so we ended up getting the costume for 6 dollars and some change. Talk about bargain shopping!

On the Saturday before Halloween, we were supposed to go to Woodstock's Fall Festival, where all the kids dress up and trick-or-treat at the local businesses, but it SNOWED. Snow in October? Who thought that would be a good idea? So it got canceled, bummer. But we did find out that there was going to be "trunk-or-treating" in Mt. Jackson on Sunday! So we dressed up our little pea-in-the-pod and took him and his tiger baby cousin and Blueberry Muffin big cousin to get some treats! About 15-20 local businesses had set up shop, so we left with a nice load of candy!

We had so much fun there that we decided we had to stay and go trick-or-treating on Halloween night. And it was a blast! I think I may have had more fun than any of the kids! I'm not sure how traditional it is for a baby as small as Tyler to go trick-or-treating, but the heck with tradition. It was pretty funny because people kept giving us suckers because they thought babies could eat those... I wanted to say "You know I'm going to be eating all of this candy, so give me a few Crunch bars and a Twix please." But I refrained haha. If you think about it, Tyler will be getting all of that delicious sugar through my breast milk eventually, so the candy was really for him... right?

And on the life of our baby front, we are still incredibly unsuccessful with getting our dear son to take a bottle. I didn't know I'd have to deal with the problem of my son being addicted to breasts so early haha. We tried our FIFTH type of bottle last night, a Gerber one with a latex (brown) nipple, and he thought about taking it, but never fully committed. I guess we'll try again today! As much as I LOVE exclusively breastfeeding him, it would be nice to be able to leave him for a few hours without the fear that he is going to starve without me there.

In other news, Tyler and I have started RUNNING! Yay! I read that you can start babies in running strollers earlier if the stroller lies/lays (yes, my grammar sucks), back, and thankfully my wonderful BOB does! And I put maybe 7 blankets around his head to keep it steady too haha. Well we went running for the first time last week and Tyler LOVED it! Okay, he slept the whole time, but in baby world, that is a good thing! It is definitely challenging running while pushing your 12 lb child + a stroller, but it was a great workout and I loved being about to get out and run!

Lastly, Tyler is still a little sniffle-y from his cold. We took him to the pediatrician because it had been lingering so long, but the doctor said he didn't have an ear infection or sinus infection and that all the suctioning of his nose was probably just making his airway more inflamed causing congestion. So long story short he told us to do NOTHING and just let it run its course. But, the good news was when I asked about how he got sick so early, despite my breastfeeding efforts, he told me that if I get a sickness first, my breastfeeding would prevent him from getting sick, but if he is exposed first, breastfeeding isn't going to protect him as much. So I felt a little less guilty for my boy getting sick. And he's definitely been feeling much better these days, and slowly getting back to the good sleeping schedule he was on pre-sickness, so hopefully he will be back to normal soon!

That's all on our front, will check back in later!

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