Sunday, April 28, 2013

15 Weeks

Today I am 15 weeks pregnant. It all has kind of flown by and sometimes it still doesn't hit me that I'm pregnant. Tyler has been wearing me out everyday, but I guess that is what toddlers do best. He is awesome and so full of life and energy though, so I don't necessarily consider being worn out at the end of the day such a bad thing.

On the pregnancy front, I've been feeling decent. I still feel a little nauseous every night before bed (my "morning" sickness has always been worse at night, even with Tyler) which sucks, but I'm thankful I'm not throwing up like I was just a month or so ago. I'm feeling plenty of stretching and little cramps as my uterus is growing to accommodate our growing child and I have a fairly legitimate baby bump. Not big enough for people to brave the "Are you pregnant?" question, but enough for those who know I'm pregnant to comment on how I'm showing. I have one amazing pair of maternity jeans (thank you Mom!) that fit great right now, but the rest of my maternity jeans will have to wait another 4 weeks or so before they get worn because they are a tad big in the belly area. In the meantime, I've been wearing my non-maternity jeans fine with a hairband through the button hole (giving me an extra 1-2 inches in the waistline). I'm excited to get some new maternity wear though... I'd wear elastic pants and empire cut shirts all the time if I could :-) And no movement in this belly yet! I think I felt Tyler around 17 or 18 weeks last time and they say you can feel them a little earlier in subsequent pregnancies, but I haven't sensed anything yet. I'm very anxious for that to start so I'll have a better indication that everything is okay in there, since sometimes I forget I'm even pregnant right now.

On the toddler front, Tyler has been busy busy. He is OBSESSED with playing outside. We'll play for 3 hours outside and the moment we come inside he has a conniption and cries while pointing the the door saying "dis!!!!!! disssss!!!!!!" (translated: "You see this door here Mom, Dad?! I want you to open it up and take me back outside!). It's been great to have such nice weather to take him outside though.... I think he is a much happier baby toddler when he gets outside time. He's been helping me garden, splashing in the water I use to water my plants, and collecting all the rocks I dig out of the garden and putting them in his little race car. So easily entertained! He's also been very contently sleeping in between Jordon and I every night. It's going to be a tragedy in October, but for now, it's working for us. And honestly, I love waking up to his smiling baby face. Ahh so in love. He's the best.

That's it for now. We don't have another appointment until May 17th (18 weeks). Can't wait to hear baby's heart beating again!

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