Saturday, May 4, 2013

16 Weeks

I "turned" 16 weeks pregnant yesterday, but more importantly, gained a niece (sort of)! Congrats to Jordon's cousin Jameson and his wife Katie on the birth of their baby girl, Sadie Elizabeth :-)

On our baby front, I've been tiredddddddd. Tyler wears me out and so does pregnancy haha. Other than that, it's been fairly easy to forget I'm pregnant. I'm anxious to feel baby move so I have a little more assurance that he/she is actually in there and okay, but I'm not sure I'm getting anything yet. Yesterday and today I did feel some flutters, but I'm not 100% sure it's baby, so I'll wait another week before I make any claims of quickening.

On the toddler front, we've entered the terrible 2s (I can't remember if I mentioned this last week, so if I did, forgive me). Tyler has been VERY bossy and really lets us know if he's discontent with something. Okay, not really bossy, but definitely demanding. We have these folding chairs that go with our card table, which I brought up to the living room when we had the tennis teams over. Well Tyler has decided these folding chairs are his special seats and he likes to point to each and tell Jordon and I where to sit. Then, 15 seconds later, he points to a NEW seat for each of us to sit in. Jordon and I also have the job of finding someone to sit in the fourth seat since Tyler, Jord and I only take up three. Mr. Rocking Horse, Mr. Woof, and Mr. Musical Dog. He is not content unless all four of those seats are filled. Goof ball. And as usual, he throws a fit if we don't take him outside or if we bring him in from outside. Unfortunately, the weather has been a bit sub-par recently, making less than ideal outside playing conditions and a very discontent toddler. Boo. But even with all that, Tyler is still giving out kisses, laughing at Jordon and I's attempts to be funny and is a great snuggle buddy. So all is not lost during those terrible 2s.

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