Friday, May 24, 2013

19 Weeks

So, I missed a week. Oops! We had a very hectic week last week and weekend though, so please forgive me. Jordon's grandad passed away last Monday and we had to travel for the funeral and viewing, so blogging wasn't on my mind.

But we did have an appointment last Thursday (18 weeks). Baby's heart was beating away (143 bpm) and seemed to be doing well so we were pleased. We have our anatomy ultrasound booked for June 4th.

Also on the pregnancy front, I felt my baby kick! Yay! I have been way too cautious to call anything I feel going on in the belly region baby movements, but I got some definite kicks last Friday night. So official kick mark to this pregnancy was 18 weeks, when last time it was 20. Since then I've felt a good amount of movement, and I love it. It gives a good reassurance that baby is still okay in there. Jordon caught a kick the other day for the first time so he was excited. At my appointment I had them test my thyroid because I had been feeling so terribly exhausted and low and behold my thyroid was off so they upped my Synthroid. I've been feeling better this week tired-wise, but I've been pretty achy. For the last two weeks almost my SI joint (where your lower back and hip meets) has been in terrible pain. The chiropractor hasn't seemed to be helping and I keep icing but I'm still in pain. Boo. So that's my gripe for the week.

On the toddler front, Tyler has been a wild child. He was terrrrrible this past weekend, fussing when he didn't get what he wanted, refusing to sit in his high chair and eat and constantly wanting up and then down when you held him. He's exhausting! He's driving me absolutely nutso, but it's hard to be mad with him because he's still the cutest thing ever. He's been talking so much and trying to repeat a lot of what you say. He's saying "I'm done!" when he's done eating (over and over and over again haha) and he'll say what I think is "What's this?" when he points to something new. This week he's been saying "mow" like crazy. He's obsessed with mowers... I mean absolutely obsessed. In fact, we went to Lowe's today and spent 25 minutes letting him sit on the mowers, and when we left he still had a conniption repeating "mowwwwww, mowww!). Plus when we go walking and he sees someone mowing he repeats "mow" at least 10 times, even after we've long passed the lawn being mowed.  He's still sleeping in our bed and it drives me nuts in the middle of the night because he likes to sleep horizontally and kick Jordon or I all night. But he's now doing this precious thing where he wakes us up in the morning by patting or rubbing our cheeks and giving us the sweetest smile, then nuzzling up under one of our arms to cuddle before moving on the the other parent. It is seriously the best way to wake up! Personal space during the night is a small price to pay for those precious moments that probably won't last much longer.

Lastly, Jordon and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on Wednesday! It has flown by so quickly. Jordon's grandparents watched Tyler so we could go out to dinner and we had a great night spending time together. Love me some date nights!

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