Monday, May 13, 2013

17 Weeks

17 weeks yesterday and I am very excited because we have an appointment next week! I'm eager to make sure my little one is still doing okay in there.

On the pregnancy front, I am exhausted as usual. Tyler tires me out! This pregnancy I've been having more episodes of just total, downright exhaustion, which I only used to get after working out hard last pregnancy. This time, I watch Tyler and do laundry in the same day and my body is like "whoaaaaa let's slow it down now momma... you're not as fit as you once were." Blah, depressing! I miss all the muscles I had when I had time to work out an hour and a half every day in college. Kids change stuff, don't they? Other than being tired, there hasn't been too much exciting going on in baby-land. I still am feeling the same flutter-y feeling as I reported last week, very few and far between, so I'm still not convinced 100% that it's baby. They say you're supposed to feel the baby move earlier in subsequent pregnancies, but I blogged at 18 weeks about Tyler moving, so maybe the theory won't hold true for me. Or maybe I was more confident in what I was feeling last time, and it was the same thing I felt last week? Who knows.

I'm getting eager to find out whether baby robinson #2 is a boy or girl. After having to wait much longer than we did last pregnancy, part of me felt like, "eh what's 20 more weeks and maybe we should wait until he/she is born." That thought lasted about 10 seconds. I'm tired of calling baby "it" or "baby brothersister" to Tyler. He may grow up thinking brothersister is one word by the fact that we use it like that so frequently haha. So anyway, I'm officially getting a little anxious! I also think it will feel much more real when the creature inside me is no longer and "it" and becomes a "he" or "she." We still have a few more weeks though, so it's time to be patient.

On the toddler front, boy do we have an energetic boy. He is FULL of it. Maybe that's where all of my energy went? It makes me glad we didn't pregnant any sooner because I CANNOT imagine having a newborn at this moment. Tyler demands our full attention and must be watched 24/7 because I swear he is a kamikaze toddler. His new favorite activities are jumping 3 inches from the edge of the couch, climbing up our tall dining room chairs, jumping on the edge of his bed, dragging his riding toys into his bed and trying to ride them in bed, and going down the steps all by himself (NOT using the tried and true butt scoot method either!). Sigh. I WILL have a heart attack by the time he is four.

He has been SO hilarious recently though. He has finally decided that yes, speech is an effective form of communication, so he is trying to talk up a storm. Not only does he say new words in the cutest manner possible, but sometimes he gets ahead of himself and will just babble an entire sentence in his made-up toddler language as if he were having a conversation. Some of his new vocabulary words are ice, juice, and shoes. He also has been saying MY name like crazy! I love it but there are definitely moments where I think, "If I hear mom, mom, mom one more time, I'm going to go nuts!"

Ah, the joys of motherhood! I'm excited to think, soon enough we'll have another! Although I told Jordon, I'm having a hard time imagining the day when I'll finally get a full night of sleep. If we keep up with this baby-making thing, I may be 30 by the time I get a solid 8 uninterrupted hours. Sigh. It's all worth it though ;-)

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