Friday, June 7, 2013

20/21 Weeks

We've been out of town so I'm combining the last two weeks, but I have plenty to update on! On the pregnancy front, I'm now 21 weeks along and it's sure gone by quickly. I've been feeling pretty good recently. Since my Synthroid dose was adjusted my energy has definitely been up, although I won't be running any marathons anytime soon haha. I've definitely been achey and having a hard time sleeping because my bump is getting in the way of my belly sleeping preference. I'm about to cut a hole in my mattress for my bump so I can continue to sleep on my belly. I also have to pee ALL the time now. I didn't really remember how annoying that could be from last time, but boy is it obnoxious!

We had our anatomy ultrasound and 20 week appointment on Tuesday. What we saw was a appropriately growing and apparently healthy little GIRL. I had sworn up and down during my first trimester that baby was a girl but as we got closer to finding out I started to doubt myself, so I was actually pretty surprised when the tech showed us those little girl parts. In fact, part of me still doesn't believe it... I asked the tech a few times if she was SURE and even though she said she didn't have any doubts I'm still not buying any girls clothes. I guess it will take a little while for it to sink in since I am so used to being the mom of a little boy. As for Jordon.... well, let's just say we went to Dick's after the ultrasound and he went straight for the hunting section to research shotguns haha! We have a name that we are leaning towards, but we're not ready to make it "official" yet, so we'll still take suggestions :-)

On the toddler front, well, we have a crazy child. We went and visited my family in MD which was great since we hadn't been since Christmas. My mom had gotten Tyler a little push mower and he was OBSESSED. I heard the word "mow" at least 100 times in the 3 days we were there and he played with it at least a good 2 hours a day. We went to Clark's Farm and Tyler loved seeing the animals there. It seems that the busier we keep him during the day, the better he behaves. Which is unfortunate on days like today when it rains ALL DAY LONG and my bored little toddler throws hissy fits left and right. Sigh. Parenting is hard work! But on a good note, Tyler has been eating great. I've been trying to feed him healthier foods (I admit, since I got pregnant I've been going for the easy, more processed foods) and he's been eating turkey, tomatoes, bananas, that fancy pasta that has 1/2 a serving of veggies in it (haha), yogurt and other fruits often. I've also been trying to steer myself away from the typical pregnancy craving foods (which are usually some sort of processed carb) and snack on healthier options (like carrots and dressing, fruits, and eating more eggs). Of course, that doesn't mean I don't indulge my french fries and milkshake craving every once in awhile.

As for our family, the news has gotten out to all the appropriate parties, so I suppose I can let the cat out of the bag so to speak... we are moving back to the valley this summer. I was offered a teaching position at JMU (which actually will include maternity time off for me) that offered a generous salary, so we decided we couldn't pass up the offer. As hard as it is for Jordon to leave his job and for us to leave the home Tyler has essentially grown up in, I think this will be the best situation for us. Plus I have been planning on using my midwives in Harrisonburg, which would be quite inconvenient if we were still living in Ferrum come "labor" day. And it will be great to be closer to both of our families when we will really be needing the help! So big news for us!

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