Friday, June 14, 2013

22 Weeks

I'm more than halfway through and it still hasn't really sunk in that we are going to have TWO children before Christmas rolls around. Crazy, huh? Baby girl is kicking and squirming away like crazy though, so she's making it harder and harder for momma to forget haha. I've been feeling pretty good other than my body aching. It's just so difficult to get in a comfortable position, but I guess that's to be expected. I haven't really been having any real crazy cravings, but I have had the taste for ramen noodles all the time recently. Which is kind of a tragedy because they have about zero nutritional content, but I guess this girl just loves salt haha.

My belly is definitely growing and it's getting much harder to squeeze into my non-maternity pants. By looking back at my belly pictures from my pregnancy with Tyler, it looks like I'm carrying this little one lower, so maybe that's why my pants are more uncomfortable. Regardless, I'm very happy my mom treated me to some maternity shopping and I have two new pairs of elastic band shorts (blue and yellow). Maternity pants are awesome.

Jordon and I have been wracking our brains trying to decide what to name this little one, but we haven't quite figured it out. We are leaning towards one name, and I'm sure it will probably be what we pick, but we're too indecisive as a couple to make anything official. So no buying anything personalized yet! Plus I'm still the tiniest bit nervous that "she" is actually a "he" who was hiding his goods at our ultrasound and has butt cheeks that disguise themselves as the elusive "three bright lines" that point to a little girl (yeah, I'm super paranoid, I know). I'm hoping we'll have another ultrasound sometime this pregnancy so I can harass the ultrasound tech and ask them to check umpteen times for little girl parts to confirm. As much as I HATED our scare with Tyler (and as much as I hated how it scarred me for all future pregnancies), I did enjoy having so many ultrasounds! I had six, I think, when we were pregnant with him and this time I'm only anticipating the two we've had (one being super early so it barely counts haha). But, we'll probably pay to get a 3d one though in the third trimester just to see our little one again!

On the toddler front, Tyler has been an awesome little boy. He seems to be growing out of the terribly obnoxious toddler phase and into the rambunctious, full of energy (but seemingly well-behaved) toddler phase. This I can deal with. Jordon and I spend our days trying to fill his day with fun and adventure and he usually is worn out enough to eat well and go down for naps and bed easily (*usually* being the key word there... we still have the occasional dining room meltdown or restless evening). He still lovesssss to mow. In fact, he rode along with Jordon today! It was funny because he was down for a nap when Jordon started mowing the front yard (planning to save the backyard until Tyler woke so he could ride along), and Tyler woke up just before Jordon finished the front. I went upstairs for something and all I hear from the bedroom is "mow..... mow...... mowmow." No crying or anything, just standing up in bed chanting "mow" because I guess he knew Daddy was mowing! He is also saying a lot more now which is so cute and hilarious. His new phrase he says ALL the time is "Idunknow!" .... translated from toddler-speak, "I don't know!" You can ask him anything, even something he knows the answer to, and he usually responds with "Idunknow!" He also asks "atsdis?" about everything ("What's this?"). It's hilarious to take him to the store or on a walk because I hear that every five seconds. He's also saying things we've yet to translate. For example last night I was trying to get him to sleep and he was restless (he had taken the dreaded late-day nap) and he kept saying something that sounded like "I'm wet" over and over again. I have no clue why he'd be saying that, so I'm assuming I have yet to figure out what he was trying to tell me.

We're also thinking a lot about the potty training front. I'd LOVE to NOT have two children in diapers, so my goal is to potty train by October. Of course, I know a lot has to do with how ready HE is for the potty, but he seems interested and knows when he has a dirty diaper (one day he came up to me, fanned behind his butt and went "ssssss" which means "stinky" in Tyler-speak). Also this evening he was running around naked before his bath and started to pee on our bedroom floor (tragedy!) so we told him to hurry to the potty and he knew right where to go... of course once he sat on it and tried to pee nothing was left, but hey, good effort! So I think if we really invest some time and energy into it in the next few months, he SHOULD do okay with it.

That's it for now. We have a couple busy weeks ahead... Jordon is helping teach a basketball camp at Ferrum next week then we'll be heading to Wintergreen for a week then to Woodstock for a tennis tournament. I have a feeling I'm going to be one tired momma come July!

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