Sunday, June 23, 2013

23 Weeks

Friday marked the end of week 23! Going by quickly, huh? Everything has been going great for our little family, and I think Tyler is getting more excited for his little sister to arrive. I taught him to say "sis" and he likes to lift up my shirt and give her stuff.... sometimes a sip of his drink (through my belly button, of course), a snack, a stick, and more often than not, a ball (still his favorite word and toy haha).

I've been feeling pretty good, just getting a little random nausea every now and then but I can deal. My hips seem to be less sore now that I've been regularly doing yoga (Jordon got me a pregnancy yoga DVD... Love that sweet man). I've been walk/running (okay, definitely more walking with a few 1-2 minutes bouts of light jogging) about 6 days a week and that's helping me keep my energy up. Jordon taught at a basketball camp at Ferrum this past week and Tyler and I had a nice routine of a longggg morning walk pointing out all the cars and their colors, which was great. Jordon's teaching at Wintergreen this week, so Tyler and I plan on keeping up the same routine. We actually walked FOREVER this morning, but we did stop at the playground, so that may be why we didn't get home until 2 hours after we started.

I've been so hungry recently, so I guess baby is growing away. Unfortunately, I'm craving cookies, ice cream, and all that sweet stuff. Baby girl's got a sweet tooth! I'm trying not to indulge toooo much, but chunky chips ahoy cookies have their way of calling my name at all hours of the day haha. I'm also getting bigger and bigger so it is getting very difficult to sleep. Lots of tossing and turning in my bed at night. Thankfully I have the faithful old Boppy pillow! I did, however, leave it at home this week, so I'm dying here at Wintergreen and trying to situate three pillows into a makeshift Boppy.

On the toddler front, Tyler is saying more and more! Jordon taught him to say "honk, honk" and squeeze your nose, so he's been doing that all the time. He also learned the word "swim" and it is PRECIOUS to hear him say it. Additionally, he's learned to demand "gum," which means fruit snacks, or gummies in toddler-speak, as I DO NOT give my child gum (and will not for several years... just think of the mess). Anyway, his vocabulary is just growing and growing! He's loving swimming since the weather got hot, and is always able to get completely soaked outside if there is any source of water around (baby pool, watering can, puddle, water bottle). Today we were splashing in puddles with our feet and he decided to sit down in one to play... got his whole butt soaking wet haha. But he was having so much fun and I love to see him happy, so what's a little water?

I think we have unofficially set the big move for the first weekend in July. I'm excited to move into a new house but I've been getting very nostalgic as we pack up. Tyler has spent his entire life from about 2 weeks old in that house! But we are moving onto bigger and better things and I'm excited to see what the future has to hold for us.

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