Thursday, July 4, 2013

Quick Update

I've been failing in the blogging department, so I wanted to pop in while I had a quick second and update on what's been going on. We are in full-fledged moving mode... in fact, we should be out of Ferrum by tomorrow evening if all goes according to plan. We got the keys to our new house this past Friday and spent the weekend cleaning and painting and cleaning and painting. I was exhausted and my body hurt. Apparently you can't do everything you used to do when you're pregnant... boo. If I had a dime for every time I heard "make sure you're not working too hard" I'd... probably have a dollar haha. I just want my house to shine :-)

We had a baby appointment on Tuesday and everything was looking good with baby girl. They checked my thyroid and it started to slow down some more so they upped my synthroid dose (I think I have at least 5 bottles with different synthroid dosages in the bathroom, it's nuts). I've been feeling pretty run down so maybe that's why and hopefully the new dose will zap some more energy into me. My hips have been KILLING me too, which sucks, so my midwife referred me to a PT in Harrisonburg. Hopefully I can get around to that sometime after the move, because nothing I do seems to help my poor hips. But all in all, I really don't feel too bad, and still forget I'm pregnant sometimes... except when baby girl goes all karate kid inside me, then I have to remember ;-)

Tyler has been doing great too. He was loving spending lots of time with his cousins in Woodstock and is officially confused as to why our house is in complete shambles. He makes packing extremely difficult, but thankfully we've been able to send him over to Jordon's grandma's house for a little uninterrupted work time. Plus we got a dinner invite when we came to pick him up, and with just ramen, peanut butter and bread in our cabinets, that was a huge plus! We'll definitely miss having them close to us.

That's all for now, I really should be packing while Tyler is napping. I promise to post a belly picture and some pictures of the new house when I get the chance.

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