Monday, December 20, 2010

8 weeks

It is true! Six months after being wed to the man of my dreams, we were pleasantly surprised by two pink lines on a pregnancy test. As happy as we were, we are definitely very nervous about the situation. We are keeping faith that God will take care of us financially, help our baby to grow healthy and strong, and make us good parents!

Perks of being pregnant this week:
1. I can sit on the couch all day long and not feel guilty about it

2. nine hours of sleep a night

3. I have a a baby in my belly!

Downsides of being pregnant this week:
1. Morning (or more like it, all day) sickness
a. eating for two is not as fun when you barely want to eat at all
b. I really don't want to drink anything but know I need to be drinking lots of water

2. random and specific food cravings that involve my husband running out to random restaurants or the grocery store 3 times a day
a. these cravings never involve sweets which is #1, unexpected and #2, makes the holidays no fun
b. these craving always involve buying something, therefore our bank account is dwindling

3. I'm nauseous all the time

4. I am tired ALL the time

5. Even though I sleep for 9 hours a night, I wake up at least 3 times because I'm hot, thirsty, or have to pee

6. Oh, and did I mention I'm nauseous all the time?

And my crazy cravings this week:
Caesar salad (specifically from Panera)
Chef Boyardee Cheese Ravioli
Taco Bell
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Baked Ziti

Pregnancy is officially the weirdest thing to ever happen to my body.

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