Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Doctor Update!

Jordon and I went to the OB for the first time yesterday! It was very exciting and very uneventful all around. We met with a nurse educator and honestly spend an hour asking her questions... poor woman! They took Jordon and I's medical history and it looks like the baby has a healthy family history!

And according to the nurse, I need to gain 30-40 lbs. during this pregnancy because I'm little to begin with. Hah! This should be fun. And I need to start drinking more because my blood pressure was 110/48.... 48! Thank you nausea, for keeping me from drinking anything.

Then they took all sorts of blood to do some tests, specifically to make sure my thyroid is all in check! Apparently I need to take even more of my thyroid meds because the baby is taking all of mine... Pregnancy is so crazy!

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