Saturday, December 25, 2010

9 weeks

Merry Christmas! Our little baby (well, more like my hormones) were ready to get up this morning... I woke up at 4am nauseous and could not fall back asleep! Luckily, Jordon was also ready to get up and get Christmas going, so we opened presents at 4:30am haha.

Thankfully, other than my Christmas-day stomach adventure, my nausea has subsided a bit. Still hits me a couple times a day but I can finally eat much better so that's good... I'm well on my way to that 40lbs weight gain the doctor recommended! Fatigue is still hitting me hard, so it's nice to be on break from school and be able to lounge around. And as always, Jordon's been the gentleman he always has been and has been doing so much around the house and for me. God bless great husbands.

Crazy cravings this week: Mike and Ike candy, crackers and fresh cheddar cheese, salad, and any kind of dips.

Merry Christmas again to everyone! I hope you're feeling as blessed as we are!

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