Thursday, January 20, 2011

13 Weeks

Officially 13 weeks preggers today and actually blogging on time this week! Jordon and I visited our OB yesterday and heard the baby's heart beat! I keep accidentally telling people we heard the baby's "heart rate"... oh the constantly-working mind of an exercise physiologist ;-) Anyway, it was very exciting because it was one more step to us really believing we are pregnant and not that I've been struck down with the flu for the last 2 months. She also said she heard the baby move (our ears weren't quite talented enough to catch that, but we trust her!), which she said was a very good sign our baby is healthy and that our risk of miscarriage dropped from 30% to 2-3%!

She also felt my pelvic bones and assured me that I have child bearing hips (well an 8ish lb or less child) so that was reassuring! We're going in for an ultrasound next week because she said my uterus was feeling a little on the small size (so we may have the due date a little off), but we're pumped because we'll actually get to SEE our little bundle of joy! But if I post next week and I'm back to 12 weeks, you'll have to forgive our earlier due date miscalculation.

I'm feeling much, much better each day. I've been feeling less nauseous (although still pretty particular about what I eat haha) and a lot less tired during the day (except yesterday when I went to bed at 7pm!). I thank God for the second trimester!

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