Thursday, January 27, 2011

14 Weeks

Today Jordon and I went to the OB and found are we are indeed officially 14 weeks pregnant. Although they thought my uterus felt like I was 2 weeks behind, the baby was measuring perfectly on time for 14 weeks pregnant (actually a little bigger!) so we kept the same due date: July 28th!

Having an ultrasound was an amazing experience. First, the little fellow looked just like a baby, and we could see all sorts of details from his little feet to his little fingers. And oh yes, it is a BOY! She asked if we wanted to know what it was if she could see, and a few minutes later she said "How would you feel about a little boy?" Obviously we were ecstatic. I really could not care less what it was, but I know Jordon wanted a little boy as the oldest, so I was so happy that he was happy. The baby was also moving around like CRAZY! It was so amazing to watch.

We could also see details like his femur (it was 1 cm long! how little!), and the different hemispheres of his brain. It is just amazing what technology can do! And we found out our little boy is 4 oz. right now! So tiny and yet we could still see his man-parts haha!

We also found out the placenta is anterior, meaning that it is in a good position and isn't covering up the cervix (meaning it would be blocking the exit for my little man, meaning I'd need a c-section). Everything looked good! I am very excited that the baby is looking and growing healthy anddd that we don't have to reverse two weeks in our baby countdown!

As for the pictures above: The first one is of his head and belly.... I can already tell he is handsome and looks just like Jordon and I haha! The second is of his whole body, and you can see his little leg sticking up.

Please continue to keep us and Jordon Tyler Jr. in your prayers!

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