Saturday, February 12, 2011

16 Weeks

My little avocado (yes, he's about that big now) is 16 weeks old now! And it seems like he is growing and growing every day. It is very strange to have my stomach growing into a big bump (especially when it's not from brownies haha).

I've been much, much less tired and much, much less nauseous. As long as I get enough sleep at night and eat what my body tells me too, I feel great. Which is good because school, my internship and subbing at the school has kept me very busy! Yesterday, I helped Jordon teach PE in the afternoon, and one of the preschoolers said "It looks like you have a baby in your tummy" and I said "Well, that's because I do!" and she said "Did God put it there?" It was SO cute. It makes me that much more excited to have a little one!

I also got a sweet surprise from Miss Erin Mahoney in the mail this week! Two sets of adorable onesies and a stuffed giraffe (see photo above)... so much fun! I love my friends and how they spoil me and my unborn child haha.

Jordon and I are going to the doctor this upcoming Thursday, so we are excited to make sure everything is going right on track with Tyler!

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  1. man i made the cut and got mentioned in the blog! :) can't wait to spoil this child (and you) even more! <3