Friday, February 18, 2011

17 weeks

17 weeks pregnant yesterday! Jordon and I continue to get more and more excited everyday! We just want to hold our baby and never let go :-) We went to the OB yesterday and it seems that everything is growing just the way it should. Next time we go, we get to do the "big" ultrasound... the one where they normally tell you the gender and such (although we are already blessed to know we have a wild child aka a boy on the way). I'm excited for it anyway, because it will be much longer, so I can check out my beautiful child for a longer period of time, and we can check on how well he's growing (although judging by my ever-expanding bump, he is definitely growing right on track). I only weighed in at a whooping 118 lbs this time, but the midwife said I should be packing on the lbs anytime now, so I'm not concerned (I'll be honest, I don't think I'm ready to see anything over 120lbs on the scale yet... at least not until my bump gets bigger and I can be assured it's baby weight and not thigh weight haha!).

So I found out something pretty cool about my little onion the other day (he's about the size of an onion now apparently). When babies are growing inside the uterus, they start out with fingers with smooth skin on them. Then, as they move around, the fluid sweeping by the thin, mold-able skin of the fingers creates the ridges that are fingerprints! How crazy!? With as much as my little onion moves, he is going to have wild fingerprints haha.

I have been feeling pretty darn great recently (physically that is... I'll get to the emotional wreck I am in a few). I've been revving back up my exercise routine thanks to my favorite undergrad-thesis-assistant-turned-exercise-buddy Niki. Last week we went to the gym at her apartment complex and I rocked out a nice 2 mile farklet treadmill workout. The only hard thing about running when you're pregnant is how bad you have to pee when everything is bouncing around in there! We also did some weight training too... I've been busting out squats a few times a week in order to strengthen up my thigh muscles so I can give birth while standing/squatting (don't judge... gravity helps you making labor easier. I'll do whatever to make it go easier!!). I love having energy again and I love not being nauseous 24/7 anymore. I did take a nice hour long nap the other day, but other than that I've been pretty energetic recently. It's a good thing too, because I start coaching tennis on Monday! If I hadn't been active up until now, that would definitely be changing on Monday.

Emotionally I've been the typical pregnant woman. Last night I saw a commercial for a new lifetime show called Coming Home about people in the army coming home and surprising their kids. It took all that I had to not break out in sobs. I did seriously tear up though. I mean really, it was just a commercial!! I don't think I'm allowed to watch the show haha. And the other day Jordon and I's checking account got overdrawn because my paycheck from JMU didn't get put in on time. I then I proceeded to have a crying fit about how poor we were and how I couldn't even afford a pair of maternity pants. Oh, it was a sight to be seen. My poor husband. However, if I remember correctly, I think all was cured by a brownie sundae.

Until next time... keep us and Tyler in your prayers!

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