Thursday, April 14, 2011

25 Weeks

I'm 25 weeks and still growing. Sometimes I can't imagine getting any bigger than I am, and the next day I wake up even larger. However, my pregnancy pillow is seriously from heaven, so at least I'm sleeping pretty well!

I had an OB appointment on Thursday which went well. My darling husband had to meet me at the office because he was working during the day, so I had to start off the appointment all by my lonesome. It was good though, because I got to hear the baby's heart rate (a strong 143 bpm), and then Jordon showed up about 30 seconds later, so the midwife let us hear the heart again so Jordon could hear. It was so funny because she put the doppler back on my belly, and the baby's heart rate had jumped so much! She said it was probably because Daddy had come in the room! I believe it ;-)

My next appointment will be in THREE weeks instead of four, which is pretty exciting, and then after that appointment I'll go every two weeks. And at my next appointment I get to do my glucose tolerance test (woo hoo!) and drink sugary orange drink and get my blood drawn one hour later. Fun, fun. I'll have to give an update about that experience!

Jordon and I kept our little baby nephew last night (as well as the little t monster) and it gave us a nice little taste of parenthood. Lucas was super fussy when he got here, but once he fell asleep around 11pm, he was OUT. We put him in the pack and play in our room to sleep, and he was fine, but anytime he made any little noise Jordon and I would jump out of bed! We both slept so lightly because he were so worried about the little guy! Then Jordon tried to feed him at 2am, but he was so passed out he only ate a little bit, so we went ahead and put him back in the pack and play. I woke up at 4:30, not because he was fussy, but because I just kept worrying about him. I ended up taking him to eat, which of course he only drank a tiny bit, and then passed out again (apparently he doesn't ever sleep through the night for his parents, but he was behaving for Aunt Mandi and Uncle Jordy!). Then I ended up falling asleep with him on the couch for the next 4 hours. It was amazing. Jord and I missed both of the kids so much when Luke picked them up this morning!!! If one night attached me to baby Lucas that much, I know it will take the jaws of life to separate me from Tyler for any amount of time once he comes.

Spaking of my little boy, Tyler had been active as ever this week. He really does LOVE tennis. I'm not sure if he knows tennis is going on, or he's just reacting to me stressing out from watching tennis, but I like to think he loves tennis already! His spine is almost fully formed this week (150 joints, 33 rings, and 1,000 ligaments), so he is getting ready to be a little tennis star! His nostrils are also opening up (hey have been closed until this point) so he can start practicing breathing through his nose now too. Busy week!

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